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Headquartered in San Francisco, Yola is a company dedicated to the development of a website builder which has web hosting included. Founded in 2007 by Vinny Lingham, this company is named SynthaSite originally, and in 2009, it changed to the current name. Now this company has more than 10 million users, including individuals, small businesses and large groups.

Some of the reviews on Google indicate that Yola is a reliable for web hosting while others not. It might be hard for webmasters to identify whether it is trust-deserving. We make this Yola review from several vital perspectives, including plans, features, reliability, speed and technical support to make the answer clear.

Four plans are developed by Yola, which are named as Free, Bronze, Silver and Gold. As the names indicate, the first package is free while the last three plans are monthly rated at $5.95/mo, $12.95/mo and $24.95/mo. Still, if you want to purchase the premium plans yearly, their prices are lowered to $4.17/mo, $8.33/mo and $16.66/mo.

As for some add-on services, adding Yola online store to any plan needs $10/mo. A custom domain name is charged with $11.95/yr while the WHOIS protection is priced at $9.95/mo. Luckily, if you purchase their hosting packages yearly, you can get a discount for one year private registration and custom .com domain.

In terms of payment methods, Yola supports both PayPal and credit cards. 30 days money back guarantee is also made by this company. You have to pay attention to that such guarantee is not applied to domain name registration fee or any other domain services.

As a conclusion, Yola is not a company which we strongly recommend you going with. Instead, the following companies are the better alternatives for the industry reputration, price per value of service, and technical support.

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Editorial Review

Yola Speed Review 1.50 of 5

Yola is not very outstanding for the aspect of speed. We do not find any information about their data centers. According to our investigation, there are many complaints about the latency of the network. Sometimes, it even needs more than one minute for the page reaction.

The feedbacks we collected from their customers confirm the slow speed of Yola, lower than the average level of the whole industry. Although this company spends much in their infrastructure and hardware, the result is disappointing and unsatisfying.

Yola Reliability Review 2.00 of 5

Yola promises to offer 99.9% uptime, even with more than 50 million web pages to serve. This company claims that they cooperate with top-rated DDoS mitigation experts and content delivery networks to secure your site and offer fast speed. All their words are far from the truth. The real customers' remarks and reviews tell you that this company is not reliable for their torpid maintenance procedure and frequent downtime.

Yola Feature Review 1.00 of 5

Yola does not offer very rich features, especially for the Free plan. The primary Free comes with only 2 websites, 3 web pages, 1 GB monthly bandwidth and 1 GB disk space. The maximum file size is limited in 5 MB. Some advanced features are absent from this company, such as like custom domain names, navigation submenus and continuous automatic SEO monitoring. This plan is not worth a try if you are serious about your website.

Therefore, to get a better hosting experience, you have to upgrade your package to a paid one. Even if you do so, no programming feature is included, such as PHP. To be frank, this company is a good website builder because it does not require much technical knowledge, downloads or installation. But when it comes to web hosting, it is not a good option, not to mention building an online store costs more than $20/mo.

Yola Technical Support Review 2.00 of 5

We have to confess that Yola offers good customer service via email, by which you can get in touch with their support staffs to fix issues. However, the response time of their email system exceeds 24 hours, which is quite time-consuming and inefficient. The most notable thing is that this company does not offer phone call support.

Live chat is available for the users of premium packages, and this support method is available from 3am – 5pm EDT from Monday to Friday.

Some tutorials and frequently asked questions are prepared in their support center to help you get some basic knowledge about hosting and their services.