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Based in New Hampshire, US, X10Hosting is a web hosting company that has 11 years of history in offering free web hosting. Now it also provides premium paid web hosting services as well as VPS, but still, the service that makes X10Hosting famous among beginners is the free web hosting.

As is claimed by X10Hosting, the free web hosting is backed by cloud servers featuring SSD, so that users can expect a stable, fast and flexible hosting platform. Besides, the service is highlighted by the availability of cPanel, PHP, MySQL, 1-click application installation and free website builder.

With the information above, it seems that the free web hosting offered by X10Hosting is a great deal for hosting simple websites or popular scripts. However, the fact is completely different. According to user reviews and our trials, the service is not reliable, with a number of downtimes, and it comes with many restrictions that make it valueless.

As an early conclusion, we don't suggest X10Hosting no matter how simple the hosting package you need is because you don't have to sacrifice everything important just for the cost. Besides, the premium hosting is not recommendable, either. The reasons and evidence are offered in below.
Editorial Review

X10Hosting Speed Review 2.00 of 5

It is believed that X10Hosting powers the hosted websites with servers within SingleHop data centers. If this is true, then the hardware quality should not be a concern. However, the company does not offer any detail about the server specifications or the network infrastructure, and there is no way to find out this information.

Considering these facts, we opened a free account with X10Hosting and have monitored the server response speed and page loads for a couple of months. The results are not really disappointing due to the service's nature of being "free", but they make X10Hosting lagging behind a lot even from a cheap web host.

Below is what we got from the monitoring of the server used to host our simple WordPress site with no more than 10 pages.

X10Hosting Server Response Speed

X10Hosting Reliability Review 2.00 of 5

X10Hosting has many downtime issues. If you are lucky, you could certainly see your website up for an entire week, but if you are unlucky, you may encounter endless inaccessibility problems caused by database errors or service interruptions. For the free web hosting, X10Hosting does not offer any guarantee for the uptime of the server or network.

In addition, the company claims not to guarantee the security of the server and the hosted websites, either. So you, the user, are completely responsible for the backups, brute force protections, security updates, etc.

X10Hosting does promise 99.9% uptime for the users of the premium web hosting, but many users have complained that upgrading to a premium package does not usually resolve the downtime issues and server errors.

Below is the uptime of our site hosted with X10Hosting free web hosting.

X10Hosting Uptime

X10Hosting Technical Support Review 1.00 of 5

You cannot expect helpful technical support from a free web host, because such a company does not cost much in the staff. The same case goes to X10Hosting.

X10Hosting provides support through two ways – the support email, and the user communities. You are encouraged to seek help from an experienced user in a community instead of contacting the provider. For the support emails, most of them are ignored, while you can sometimes get replies which ask you to upgrade to a paid package to get the problem addressed.

The company has also maintained a knowledgebase. But unlike those considerate web hosts who prepare tons of written tutorials, tools, video tutorials and extra tips to help users, X10Hosting includes no more than 30 articles in the knowledgebase.

Note that even for the premium web hosting, X10Hosting does not offer any live chat or phone support, which is unreasonable. The lack of efficient support makes this web host hardly a choice for beginners who have many technical problems to deal with.

X10Hosting Free Web Hosting Plan 2.50 of 5

X10Hosting offers a single free web hosting plan for people who would like to try hosting for the first time or build simple websites without spending money in hosting. The largest benefit of using this plan, of course, is that you can get basic features like PHP and MySQL without any cost.

Besides, the plan comes with the following features which look great.
  • The support for custom domains. You must sign up by registering a subdomain required by X10Hosting, but after accessing the control panel, you can add your own domains. The costs of such domains are not covered in the web hosting plan.
  • cPanel control panel. X10Hosting offers cPanel X3 for free which simplifies the hosting experience. Besides, a custom control panel is included as an alternative.
  • Email hosting. You can create emails in the control panel easily.
  • 1-click installer. The company integrates a 1-click application installer with the custom control panel. Over 200 scripts including WordPress and Drupal can be installed effortlessly.
  • Free website builder. X10Hosting provides a site builder with which you can set up a blog or other site quickly.

Disadvantages of X10Hosting Free Web Hosting 1.00 of 5

In fact, you should not be astonished by those good features listed above because there are more limitations and restrictions that could change your mind and stop you from using the free web hosting. Some of the disadvantages are detailed in below.
  • As is mentioned before, the security is your own responsibility, and the company does not offer any help about this.
  • X10Hosting does not state the usage restrictions of the CPU, RAM and disk space in the terms of service, but they will suspect your account as soon as you hit the unclear limits.
  • After opening an account, you must sign in at least once a month, or your account will be suspended or even removed.
  • The storage for image files and videos is limited to 500 MB only.
  • Any script that generates content automatically is prohibited.
  • Features like Perl, Python, SFTP and SSH are not available.
  • You are in a risk that your account and website might be removed by the provider at any time with/without notice.

X10Hosting Premium Web Hosting Plan 2.00 of 5

As an upgrade choice, a premium web hosting plan is offered by X10Hosting. This plan is priced at $6.95/mo, $5.95/mo, $4.95/mo and $3.95/mo for 1/12/24/36-month terms, and it includes unlimited storage, bandwidth, databases, email accounts and FTP accounts. In addition, you can get the following things.
  • cPanel 11 control panel, Softaculous installer & a site builder with 161 templates.
  • PHP 5.4, MySQL 5.5, Python 2.6 & Perl.
  • Daily R1Soft backups.
  • A free domain, dedicated IP and private SSL certificate when you sign up for 2/3 years.
  • 24x7 support from experts.
At the same time, you must pay attention to the following facts. Due to these limitations, we don't recommend X10Hosting premium hosting in any circumstance.
  • The uptime and speed are a little better than those of the free web hosting, but they are still not satisfying considering the cost.
  • Neither of live chat and phone is available for technical support.
  • No clear money-back guarantee is offered, which makes the purchase risky.
  • Many features, including SSH and Ruby on Rails, are not included in the plan.

Better Web Hosting Solutions 5.00 of 5

There are good reasons to avoid free web hosting, such as the poor performance, little control and little-to-no technical support. Since X10Hosting also performs badly, we'd suggest you choose a cheap web hosting plan from another web host instead of using the free web hosting offered by X10Hosting. A paid plan saves you much time, and they usually come with uptime guarantee and timely support.

If you are looking to build a site with the minimum effort and cost, below are some of the good choices.