WPEngine Coupon & Promotion 2018

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WPEngine doesn't provide any discount directly. Instead, the company offers annual billing customers with free WordPress hosting service for the first 2 months of the contract.

WPEngine, the premier managed WordPress hosting provider, has 4 upgradable plans named Personal, Professional, Business and Premium (a customized plan). Except for Premium, the other 3 plans are priced at $29/mo, $99/mo and $249/mo respectively. Now with the promotion of 2-month-free for annual payment, visitors going through the promotional link below can subscribe to the 3 plans at an effective price of $24.2/mo, $82.5/mo and $207.5/mo.

All of WPEngine WordPress hosting plans include a 60 days money back guarantee. If the web host fails to meet its commitment of 100% uptime, customers can ask their money back in the first 60 days after sign-up. And in the case that customers want to terminate their accounts with WPEngine in the 60-day period, they can also do so.

WPEngine Coupon Codes

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