WiredTree Coupon & Promotion 2018

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WiredTree now releases its MOVETOWT coupon for its managed VPS plans. In this way, this company enables readers to get its VPS hosting service at a cheaper price – which is half off the initial price. Note that this coupon only applies to the first two months of service and the third-party licensing is not included in this coupon pricing.

As for the plans, WiredTree offers a total of three selectable plans – VPS1500, VPS2000 and VPS2500, which are regularly rated at $49/mo, $69/mo and $89/mo respectively. It needs to pay attention that each plan includes quarter, semi-annual and annual billing cycle. Take the entry level VPS1500 plan as example, the prices for quarter, semi-annual and annual hosting service are $47.77/mo, $46.55/mo and $44.10/mo.

With the 50%-off MOVETOWT coupon, people who are interested about the VPS1500 plan only need to pay $31.85/mo, $38.79/mo and $40.2/mo for the quarter, semi-annual and annual registration. And they can save up at least $47.78 hosting fees.

To be frank, the hosting price from WiredTree is much higher than most web hosts, which is not affordable especially for beginners and starters, not to mention additional fees for third-party usability. Plus, there is no money back policy available in the plans. That means, customers who find this service is not suitable for themselves can't ask for a refund, which is risky and inconsiderate. In this case, WiredTree a worry-free choice for web hosting and more details are provided in this WiredTree review.

Instead, there are some recommended alternatives as following.

WiredTree Coupon Codes

The exclusive and secret WiredTree coupon codes and promotions - 10% discount, from $49.00/mo

  • A Two-Month 50% off
    Starting at $49/mo, saving at least $47.78