WestHost Coupon & Promotion 2018

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Have you found many WestHost coupons on the web, trying them and then getting disappointed that they did not work at all? We have experienced the embarrassment, too.

That's why we are here introducing the valid coupons that really work. We have tried nearly a dozen of coupon codes personally, and the ones listed below are proven to bring true benefits and savings.

WestHost Shared Hosting Coupon

It is quite easy to find a coupon code that is claimed to apply a 20% or 25% discount to any WestHost shared web hosting plan, but according to our careful trials, only one of them is valid. When you try any of the others, nothing changes in the checkout.

The valid coupon code is "50FURTHER" which allows a 50% discount for all billing cycles: 3 months, 12 months, 24 months and 36 months. Note that the discount applies to hosting fees and the initial term only. Domain registration fee cannot be discounted.

For yearly-billing terms, WestHost waives the first-year registration fee for one domain. The offer is valid only when the domain is billed annually. If you choose other billing terms, you are not eligible to enjoy 1-year free.

WestHost Coupon Codes for Cloud Hosting & Dedicated Servers

The following coupon codes all apply to both the cloud hosting plans and dedicated servers. They work properly at this time of writing. Once you find that any of them has problems in validating a discount, try another one.
  • EC1RDS12 - 20% off any billing cycle.
  • EC9RDT11 - 20% off hosting fees.
  • EC9BMB11 - 20% off both hosting fees & domain registrations.

WestHost Coupon Codes

The exclusive and secret WestHost coupon codes and promotions - 50% discount, from $2.00/mo

  • 50% Off All Web Hosting Plans
    Claim a 50% discount for any web hosting plan and any billing cycle.
  • 20% Off Cloud and Dedicated Hosting
    Get 20% off for cloud hosting plans and dedicated servers.