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Webs, originally Freewebs, is an online solution provider founded in 2001. This company provides their own templated website building services and free and premium website hosting plans. After several years' development, the leaders found a new opportunity to help small business companies and individuals build their websites. Therefore, ContactMe and Pagemodo have become parts of Webs platform.

The goal of Webs is to help people get online without big budgets or technical skills. Except one free plan, this company offers three upgradeable hosting packages which are named as Starter, Enhanced and Pro. The prices of them are $5.99/mo, $12.99/mo and $22.99/mo respectively.

A point you need to note is all these prices are based on two-year plan, which means if you only want to purchase their services for one year or even several months, you need to pay more.

Webs claims that the three plans are designed for webmasters with various requirements. Starter is good for basic sites building, Enhance is great for business and the last plan is ideal for online stores. As a matter of fact, many webmasters are not satisfied with this company, not only because of their limited features but also terrible technical support. As the conclusion, we don't recommend Webs.
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Editorial Review

Webs Speed Review 2.00 of 5

Webs tries to take advantage of the newest technologies to keep up with the industry-standard loading speed and server response. But as a web host who pays most attention to website building, they are not as professional as some top hosting solutions providers, such as BlueHost. Thus you shouldn't expect too much for the speed of this company's packages.

Webs Reliability Review 2.50 of 5

As for the reliability of this company, we cannot find any useful information about their data centers and servers. But according to the user reviews we have collected and our 3-month experience with the Starter plan, the uptime is OK although not being outstanding. Our website is accessible in most of the time. We are collecting more statistics now.

Webs Feature Review 1.00 of 5

When it comes to hosting features, the first plan of this company has unlimited pages, password protected pages, webs branding removed, mobile website and basic statistics. Of course, 1 GB web storage is involved. For another two options, there are more features you can get, such as more storage, web store items, custom email addresses and so on. In addition, $100 Google AdWords is accessible for the third plan.

For other features, many templates are created to customize users' specifications and websites, such as SEO booster and social media integration. The former can help you easily optimize your content of website and thus search engines can deliver more right netizens to your website while the latter makes it easy to drive traffic to your social profiles. Other features include local listings and striking photo & video galleries.

However, the limitation of this company' features cannot be neglected, such as no selling digital goods, free sites limited to 10 pages, mobile sites only with premium accounts. Besides, sites built in Webs cannot be transferred to other web hosts, which is not convenient or reasonable.

Another disadvantage is that many good features mentioned above, such as SEO booster, web store, custom email addresses, search engine submission and Google ads credits, are not available in the Starter plan, which makes this plan not worth the money you pay.

Moreover, according to customers' reviews and comments, the mobile websites usually show some small ads if they don't upgrade to Pro or pay additional fees. Only English and Spanish are available in this company's interface and no special feature to create multi-lingual sites.

Webs Technical Support Review 1.00 of 5

In terms of technical support, you have to confess that this company is not a wise choice. For the Starter plan, only email system is available for customers to get help while live chat is lack for Enhanced plan. For the buyers who choose these two packages as their options, they cannot get instant assistance when they are in trouble.

What's worse, according to some of their customers' feedbacks, they wait a very long time to get a reply with email. Often, the waiting time is over 2 days, although generally speaking, normal hosting providers will give a response within 24-hour. Besides, their attitude is not good because when some operators are asked for a solution, they may let you find answers in their help center by yourself.