Webnode Review, Rating & Secret Unveiled 2018

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Launched in 2008, Webnode was primarily a website builder but it now also offers hosting services to make itself a one-stop shop for webmasters who want a simple way to get a website up. It claims to have helped build over 27 million sites for global users.

Webnode provides pre-made templates that are ready-to-use, and there is a drag-and-drop content editor which allows you to add content elements like text, video and image to pages easily. With such highlights, however, Webnode also comes with many limitations.

For example, even you choose to pay a few dollars per month, you are forced to show Webnode ads on your website. Besides, the plans are not reasonably priced due to the shortage of server resources, site control, and mediocre performance. In addition, technical support is also limited.

In the content below, we will analyze the cost, web hosting performance, support, and other pros and cons of Webnode carefully. But generally speaking, we don't recommend Webnode if you care about your website growth and flexibility.
Editorial Review

Webnode Technical Support Review 2.00 of 5

For after-sale support, Webnode provides some FAQs which can help you get started with the website setup, content editing, domain setup, etc. However, the resources are quite limited because there are only a few dozens of articles for the newest version of the site builder.

In the case that you cannot find the solution you want from the FAQs, there are two ways for you to reach Webnode support team – contacting the staff in the support portal after login, or sending an email without login.

One limitation of the support is the poor quality. It takes a long time for you to get a reply for the emails you have sent, and sometimes there is even no reply. Besides, the support staff doesn't help much with the hosting service, or any technical thing. You cannot expect to get in touch with a support person quickly via live chat or phone.

Webnode Uptime and Speed Review 3.00 of 5

Webnode provides website builder with web hosting. The speed of the websites hosted on the company's servers is quite good at most times, but it is far away from being very fast. The company doesn't provide any information about the data center or servers it uses, so there is no way to find out where the servers are located, which bandwidth providers it cooperates with, or what kind of hardware it is using.

Our monitoring system tests out that Webnode can keep the average server response time at about 700ms, while page loads may take over 5 seconds.

Webnode Speed

In terms of the uptime, Webnode can hardly reach 99.9% if you rely on a free website. For the paid plans, however, the test results are better, which is as shown below. Note that Webnode doesn't offer any uptime statistics or system status information on its website.

Webnode Uptime

Webnode Plans and Prices 2.50 of 5

Webnode does allow users to create a website with unlimited pages for free, but the features and disk space are quite limited. For those who want more features, there are paid plans which are listed below.
  • Limited: $3.95/mo, including 100 MB disk storage, 1 GB bandwidth, and no free domain.
  • Mini: $5.95/mo, including 500 MB disk storage, 3 GB bandwidth, 1 email account, form builder and a 1-year free domain.
  • Standard: $11.95/mo, including 2 GB disk storage, 10 GB bandwidth, 20 email accounts, Google Analytics, ad removal, 5 backup copies, and a 1-year free domain.
  • Profi: $19.95/mo, including 5 GB disk storage, unlimited bandwidth, 100 email accounts, unlimited backups, and all other features in Standard.
To be honest, these plans are not cost-effective. For another industry-leading website builder – Weebly, you can use it with a budget web host at about $4/mo to get unlimited disk storage, bandwidth and email accounts. Besides, no ads are forced on your website.

A good thing about the plan is the 15-day refund guarantee that is available for both the initial term and the renewals.

Pros and Cons of Using Webnode 3.00 of 5

Having gained the popularity, Webnode makes it easy to set up a new website and manage it. But there are still many limitations in the features, design, and some other aspects especially if you use the free plan. Here we will provide more details.

The pros

  • The content editor is easy-to-use, so you can build a page with visual content with the least efforts.
  • There are pre-made responsive designs which allow you to change the color of each section.
  • Webnode is available in multiple languages, so it is easy for you to build a multilingual website. However, pay attention that only Profi supports all the languages and Standard supports two. Other plans do not include this feature.
  • You can use your own domain, but HTTPS (SSL) is not available.
  • You can add the AdSense support with HTML.
  • There is a simple statistics system.

The cons

  • You cannot tweak the CSS or HTML of any premade templates, and you are not allowed to upload you own design. Besides, some templates don't have SEO-friendly heading structure.
  • The disk space and bandwidth are too expensive considering the available amounts in the paid plans and the prices.
  • The free plan doesn't include backups, Google Analytics, form builder, multi-language support, and so on.
  • Ad removal is costly.
  • Some important widgets are not included, such as social likes, slideshow and site search.
  • To build up a membership site, you have to pay at least $11.95/mo.

Alternatives to Webnode 5.00 of 5

After an in-depth review, we stick to the opinion that Webnode is good for newbies to try, but it is far away from being an ideal site building option for those who want extra flexibility in the site control and design.

If you need a complete solution, we would suggest you start a self-hosted WordPress site with a reliable hosting provider. With a cost about $4/mo, you can use thousands of free themes, add almost any feature you like, and build up a membership site without an additional fee. Below are some of the budget hosting offers.