Webmasters.com Review, Rating & Secret Unveiled 2018

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Founded in 1994, Webmasters.com is among the oldest web hosting companies. It is now offering shared web hosting, VPS and dedicated servers to help webmasters get online quickly regardless of which kind of website they are going to host.

The goal of Webmasters.com is to offer the most reliable and comprehensive hosting solutions. According to our trials and reviews, they are reliable indeed in most times, but their services are a little bit outdated, which becomes the main reason why thousands of users have left them in the recent few years.

In this Webmasters.com review, we will focus on revealing the truths of the company's shared hosting. By reading the details about the performance, support, pricing, control panel and other features, you will find out why Webmasters.com is not among the best web hosting choices although they do well in some of the mentioned aspects.
Editorial Review

Webmasters.com Speed Review 2.50 of 5

Webmasters.com does not state clearly how many data centers they use for shared hosting, but it is true that their primary data center is in Tampa, FL, the same location as their office. The data center features some good equipment such as the Cisco routers and high-performance servers.

However, the server responses and page loads, as we have monitored, are not fast. Most servers take more than half a second to make responses to a single request, which can be seen in the stats below.

Webmasters.com Server Response Speed

Here are some of the possible reasons for the slowness.
  • Webmasters.com gives top priority to security and reliability instead of speed.
  • The company does not utilize speeding-up technologies like SSDs or CDN.

Webmasters.com Reliability Review 3.00 of 5

Webmasters.com claims that their network uptime is always more than 99.9%. As the company promises you can receive a month of free hosting if the figure falls below 99.5%, you should note that there is no compensation when the uptime is between 99.5% and 99.9%. Besides, the uptime guarantee only applies to the availability of the network, while a majority of web hosts nowadays guarantee 99.9% uptime for the overall hosting service.

The good news is that Webmasters.com can offer good uptime for most hosted sites because they:
  • Apply 24x7 security to the data centers and all servers in it.
  • Use a complete power control system that ensures no power failure.
  • Utilize an OC-48 connection backed by 4 Tier 1 network carriers.
  • Operate an NOC in which engineers keep an eye on the server and network conditions with 3 monitoring systems.
Webmasters.com Uptime

Webmasters.com Technical Support Review 2.00 of 5

Webmasters.com provides 24x7 support through toll-free phone calls and the ticket system. However, after digging deeper into the support methods, responsiveness and quality, we do not think this web host performs well in technical support. Detailed reasons are as follows.
  • Live chat, a popular communication channel, is not available.
  • The support representatives do not make replies in a speedy manner. Sometimes tickets are dealt with after 24 hours of the submission.
  • The company provides a chat room, but we have seldom seen any staff participating in it and answering customers' questions.

Webmasters.com Web Hosting Plan 2.50 of 5

To ensure simplicity, Webmasters.com offers an all-inclusive Business Hosting plan only. The plan is priced at $9.95/mo regardless of the billing cycle, and there is no discount available. This price is a little expensive for shared hosting especially when considering that no dedicated IP or SSL certificate is included.

Still, the Business Hosting plan comes with some good features, including:
  • Unlimited domain hosting, disk storage, monthly data transfer, email accounts, FTP accounts and MySQL databases.
  • Free setup and a free domain name.
  • Custom error pages, .htaccess, hotlink protection, and nightly backups.
  • 30-day refund guarantee.
At the same time, we have found many drawbacks and limitations of the plan which reduce the price value largely. Some of these facts are:
  • The versions of the scripting languages are outdated. For example, Webmasters.com offers PHP 4.4.9/5.2.7, while the major web hosts provide PHP 4.x/5.4/5.5/5.6 or even the beta version 7.0. This might cause compatibility issue when you install open source applications.
  • SSH is not allowed for security reason.
  • Cron Job is not available.
  • The upgrade options are expensive as a VPS costs a minimum of $99/mo.

Webmasters.com Web Hosting Control Panel 2.50 of 5

Webmasters.com has developed their own web hosting control panel instead of using a third-party one like cPanel. While this can guarantee that every feature is under control, the custom control panel named 4Admin is not as well-designed and easy-to-use as cPanel.

The 4Admin control panel includes almost all the commonly-used features such as a file manager and email manager, and provides access to server and network status. However, the interface looks outdated and lacks aesthetics. Besides, using 4Admin makes it hard for website transfer since no one else utilizes the same control panel.

Webmasters.com Control Panel

What's more, although the control panel is designed with an app installer, the installer supports 62 scripts only at present. The popular scripts like MyBB, vBulletin, Magento and Prestashop are not covered, which is a pity.

Better Web Hosting Options than Webmasters.com 5.00 of 5

Due to the limitations in the control panel, web hosting features, support and speed, Webmasters.com is not listed among the top web hosting providers. If you'd like to host a blog, forum or online store with a reliable and fast web host, you can consider the following options which offer better services at lower prices.