WebHostFace Review, Rating & Secret Unveiled 2018

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WebHostFace is a new America-based web hosting provider that was launched in 2013. Currently, the company operates from two offices: one in Wilmington, Delaware, and another in London, UK.

WebHostFace has been offering Linux web hosting services only which are powered by four data centers located in three continents. By offering multiple locations, the company is trying to deliver faster speed by allowing users to select a location closer to their main visitors.

The focus of the company's services has always been shared hosting, while VPS, reseller hosting and dedicated servers are also available in order to guarantee scalability. Domain registration is offered, too. Among all these services, this WebHostFace review is mainly made for the company's shared hosting – currently the most popular service. The cost-effectiveness, speed, reliability and support are analyzed.
Editorial Review

WebHostFace Speed Review 3.00 of 5

WebHostFace uses four data centers to power their hosting services, among which there are two in the US, one in Germany, and another in Singapore. With these data centers, the company tries to cover as many locations in the world as possible. However, you should note that the data center in Kansas City, MO only serves VPS and dedicated servers, so shared hosting users actually get only one data center location in the US which is Chicago, IL.

WebHostFace doesn't own or operate any data center. Instead, they depend on data center providers like SingleHop for services. The company hasn't built up any network, either. Besides, they don't have any dedicated team for network management, which means the availability and speed of the network they offer to customers are completely out of their control.

To gain more faith from customers, WebHostFace has also been partnering with CloudFlare for a CDN service. This should make some differences to the page loads experienced by your site visitors.

During the past half a year's monitoring, WebHostFace has been doing well in server response speed. The response time is around 500ms, which is slightly above the average of the shared hosting industry.

WebHostFace Server Response Speed

WebHostFace Reliability Review 3.50 of 5

Though being young as it is, WebHostFace has gained some industry recognition due to its good uptime and security. Almost all the user reviews in web hosting forums are positive when it comes to the reliability of the company's hosting services.

We have found multiple convincing reasons for the company's excellence in this aspect, and below are the top ones.
  • All the data centers WebHostFace uses feature full redundancy in power and network, which is backed by dual power grids, UPS power systems, and redundant network connections to multiple major bandwidth providers. Besides, the data centers are well monitored by both technicians and automated systems.
  • WebHostFace upgrades hardware constantly and keeps applying custom patches.
  • The company utilizes a clustered firewall system to block most of the MySQL injections, brute force attacks and malicious scripts so as to keep their servers and customers' websites safe.
  • Each account on the shared servers is isolated and kept in its own cage, which means the vulnerability of your neighbors won't affect the security of your account.
  • WebHostFace uses R1Soft for server backups. This ensures that your data is well secured from unexpected loss, and you can always restore your websites from the recent changes.
Our monitoring system has returned good results regarding the uptime of WebHostFace. The company has reached 99.9% uptime in over 2/3 of the months during monitoring. However, if you are really serious about uptime, you are suggested to contact the sales team to see whether there is any compensation in the case they fail to deliver 99.9% uptime.

Below is the company's uptime in the recent days.

WebHostFace Uptime

WebHostFace Technical Support Review 3.00 of 5

Like most other US web hosts, WebHostFace provides customer support through live chat, tickets, and email. Besides, you can also ask questions on Twitter since the company's Twitter account is actively maintained. All these support channels are accessible 24x7.

A phone number is available on the official site, too. However, it is unclear whether phone is only applicable to sales support, or this method can also be used for technical support.

For shared hosting, WebHostFace claims to offer a premium support package. Currently, this package is included in the most expensive plan only. If you want it in other plans, you need to pay $2/mo. The company doesn't explain what is included in premium support, or what is available in the standard support.

Generally speaking, WebHostFace can provide helpful technical support. Although the responses to tickets are not as fast as the guaranteed 15 minutes, they are usually offered within one hour. The video tutorials, knowledgebase and blog also include useful resources for setting up and managing hosting accounts. However, you may still pay attention that no forums are available for any discussion or support.

WebHostFace Shared Hosting Prices 2.50 of 5

In terms of shared web hosting, WebHostFace offers three plans which are different in the amount of disk space, the number of allowed sites, the number of free website transfers, and several other features.

All these plans are now discounted 50% for all billing cycles including 1/12/24/36 month(s). What's more, there is a "lifetime" hosting fee for each plan. By paying such a fee, you may be able to use the service for many years as long as it is supported by the company. However, the lifetime subscription is a limited-time offer that might be terminated at any time, and for such a subscription, the change of the primary domain can lead to a termination of the deal.

Below are the prices of WebHostFace shared hosting plans.
  • Face Standard: $6.9/mo regularly, $3.45/mo when discounted, and $180 for lifetime subscriptions.
  • Face Extra: $10.9/mo regularly, $5.45/mo when discounted, and $360 for lifetime subscriptions.
  • Face Ultima: $19.9/mo regularly, $9.95/mo when discounted, and $600 for lifetime subscriptions.
All these plans come with a free domain for one year, and there are 1/3/5 free website transfer(s) included, too. Except for these free things, you should also pay attention to the additional fees that may add heavy burdens to your budget.
  • Setup fee: $9.95, charged for monthly billing plans.
  • Search engine submission: $15 one-time fee.
  • RVSiteBuilder: $4.5/mo.
  • Private DNS: $69.95 per year.
  • Private SSL certificate: $49.95 per year.
For the shared hosting plans, WebHostFace provides a 30-day refund promise. However, all the additional fees in the list above as well as many other fees are non-refundable, which you can see in the company's TOS. Besides, no refund is available for any cancellation after 30 days.

WebHostFace Shared Hosting Features 3.00 of 5

WebHostFace offers quite good features in its shared hosting plans. For example, all the following things are available in each shared account.
  • cPanel, an advanced Linux control panel, and Softaculous installer.
  • Weebly, an easy-to-use website builder.
  • Unlimited email accounts with McAfee spam protection.
  • Unlimited bandwidth, MySQL/PostgreSQL databases, and FTP accounts.
  • PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl, custom PHP.ini, CURL, CGI, and more.
As for the difference, WebHostFace offers 15 GB, 20 GB and 30 GB disk space in the three plans respectively. Besides, Face Standard is a single-site hosting plan, while the other plans come with unlimited hosted sites.

Also, the things below are worth attention.
  • It is possible to add more domains to Face Standard, but you have to pay $2/mo for each domain.
  • SSH is not included in Face Standard for free. Instead, it costs $19.95 per year.
  • Face Standard doesn't include the email trace feature or Apache Handlers.
When all the additional fees for features are considered, WebHostFace plans are actually not cheap at all.

Alternatives to WebHostFace 5.00 of 5

Although WebHostFace has a short history, they are indeed a reliable choice for shared hosting. However, the expensive add-on services have lowered the company's score to a large extent. The offerings are easy-to-use, but not affordable.

In fact, many web hosts offer SSH as a standard feature in their shared hosting plans, and they don't charge something like "premium support" since all customers' requests are dealt with the same priority. If you prefer such a host, take a look at the following options. They all provide cPanel, fast speed, and responsive support, too.