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Founded in 1997, WebFusion is a web hosting service provider and a domain name registrar. Formerly known as GX Networks, this UK-based company is a member of HEG, the largest privately-held hosting provider in Europe.

With years of experience and millions of users, WebFusion is a key player in the UK. However, it is relatively new to US-based users. The company provides both Linux and Windows hosting plans. Also, it has set foot in a wide range of hosting services, including shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers.

WebFusion claims that it has been dedicated to providing cost-effective and feature-rich hosting plans for personal and business websites. Also, the company prides itself for owning a custom-built UK data center to host its high-performance Dell servers and power its robust Tier 1 network.

To verify whether this company is right for shared hosting, we are going to deliver this in-depth review based on our real-time monitoring results and hundreds of webmasters' reviews. The review reports on its performance, reliability, technical support, feature, and affordability are detailed as below.
Editorial Review

WebFusion Speed Review 2.50 of 5

As mentioned before, WebFusion is based in the UK. The company claims that it has the ability to provide optimal hosting services for users all over the world. However, it turns out that this promise is somehow not practical for the following reasons.

Firstly, the company only provides several UK-based data center locations for users to choose. Therefore, it is impossible for those non-Europeans to select a location that is geographically close to their target audiences.

Secondly, by the monitoring outcomes, WebFusion has averaged 670ms in server response time in the past month. Compared with some other reputable hosting companies who take less than 300ms for responding to a server request, its hosting performance is far from satisfying.

The following screen capture displays more detailed statistics about the server response time of WebFusion.

WebFusion Server Response Time

As a result, those who desire more optimized page loading speed may turn to some better alternatives, such as BlueHost, JustHost, and InMotion Hosting.

WebFusion Reliability Review 2.50 of 5

WebFusion provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee for each user of its hosting services. To carry this guarantee into practice, the company claims that it has invested a lot in the infrastructures.

Cooperated with IBM, WebFusion has designed and built a state-of-the-art data center in Leeds, UK. Also, it utilizes several other data centers of its parent company - HEG. All of these data centers are equipped with redundant power supplies, advanced fire detection, and strict climate control.

What's more, various security measures are adopted to safeguard an optimized hosting environment, including strict access control, extensive CCTV surveillance, and 24x7 technician monitoring.

However, the reality is not that satisfying as we expected. According to our monitoring results, WebFusion has achieved an average of 99.92% uptime in the past thirty days, which is good yet not stunning in the industry.

WebFusion Technical Support Review 3.00 of 5

Taken as a whole, WebFusion has done a good job in providing relatively quality technical support. The company provides a toll-free telephone, live chat, and email system to access its technical support that is available 24x7. Also, its support experts are well trained to help users in a professional and polite manner.

As many other hosting providers, it offers a knowledgebase, which contains hundreds of guides, tutorials, and other helpful materials for users to find out some solutions in a self-helping way. However, there remain some complaints addressed to its support effectiveness. Some webmasters have noted that it may take tens of minutes to get a support request responded.

WebFusion Hosting Plan Review 2.00 of 5

WebFusion provides a total of three plans for shared hosting, namely, Starter Pro, Home Pro, and Business Pro. However, these plans are available through one of its sister brands - Heart Internet. These hosting plans are rated from $3.76/mo to $16.35/mo. With 20% VAT, the prices are up to $4.52/mo, $13.58/mo, and $19.63/mo respectively.

Its Business Pro is priced at almost the same level as some cheap VPS hosting. However, the functionality of a shared hosting plan is by no means equal to that of a VPS one. Therefore, the hosting plans of WebFusion are far from budget-friendly.

When it comes to the cancelation policy, all hosting plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee, within which users are able to receive a full refund theoretically. However, when asking for a refund, users are required to explain the reasons why they are going to terminate their accounts, which is more or less troubling.

WebFusion Feature Review 2.00 of 5

Despite the fact that some important scripting languages, including PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby are supported, features available with WebFusion hosting plans remain limited, especially when the allocation of server resources is taken into account. To make it clearer for understanding, we are going to take Starter Pro as the analysis example.

This hosting plan comes with 1 hosted domain, 5,000MB disk space, 30,000MB bandwidth, 1,000 Email accounts, and 1 FTP account merely. Besides, it does not allow any subdomain with each account.

Moreover, there are some other limitations.
  • SSH, which is important for remote connection, is not supported.
  • It does not support MySQL 5.
  • No free site transfer or free advertisement credits is offered.

WebFusion Control Panel Review 2.00 of 5

WebFusion provides a default control panel named eXtend for users to manage their accounts. After checking the demo, we found that this control panel does feature easy-to-recognize icons and relatively powerful options. Besides, it is integrated with a 1-click installer, which enables users to install more than 70 applications within minutes.

However, compared with some leading control panels in the field like cPanel, it is not superior in terms of ease of use and functionality. In this case, if users desire to utilize cPanel, they need to pay an additional fee.

Better Alternatives to WebFusion 5.00 of 5

From this in-depth WebFusion review, the company is not a good choice for shared hosting. It offers relatively poor-featured and overcharged hosting plans. Besides, its hosting performance is not satisfying.

As a result, we recommend the following better choices for users who are desiring a reliable web host at a small budget.