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Vultr is a young hosting brand dedicated to offering cloud instances. The company does not clarify the establishment time, but it is believed that they are only a bit older than 1 year. The initial purpose of launching this cloud brand is to compete with another cloud hosting provider – DigitalOcean.

Due to the nature of the cloud, Vultr now has 14 server locations around the world covering the US, France, Japan, Germany, the UK, Netherlands and Australia. All the servers are virtualized with KVM and equipped with SSD storage. Besides, the servers are using Intel CPUs.

Vultr has tried much to expand their user base such as reducing the cost, improving the server configurations and offering more RAM, but we've still seen many complaints about the support and network infrastructure. In below, we will provide detailed information about the most significant aspects of Vultr cloud servers.
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Editorial Review

Vultr Speed Review 2.50 of 5

Thanks to the multiple choices of data centers, Vultr can be quite fast for most locations in the US. Other factors that also contribute to fast speed include the utilization of SSDs, the last generation Intel cores, and 10 GB network connectivity. But occasional network issues still slow down the page loads. See the chart below for Vultr server response monitoring in the past day.

Vultr Server Response Speed

If you go with Vultr, you should pay much attention to the company's network issues, because all the data centers except for the one in New Jersey are single-homed with only 1 bandwidth provider. If the connections fail, there is no backup solution, and your server will be left in the wind.

Vultr Reliability Review 2.50 of 5

When backed up by the flexibility of cloud, services are usually more reliable than before. We opened up an account with Vultr 3 months ago, and so far, the uptime has been good – averaging approximately 99.95% in the months. However, network issues have caused some downtimes, too. For example, we experienced a big downtime in this month.

Vultr Uptime

Vultr Technical Support Review 1.50 of 5

Vultr offers some FAQs and forums to help users settle frequent and simple issues. If you want to get assistance from the support team, you will need to submit a ticket in the customer portal. There is no phone call or live chat support available, even for pre-sales issues.

The ticket support is quite responsive, and you can usually receive a response within 4 hours. In most times, the support representatives are polite and professional, but if you ask about the data center details, such as the node specifications, they will try to distract you from the issue or even close the ticket. This is a common problem that many Vultr customers have encountered.

Vultr Cloud VPS Plans and Pricing 3.00 of 5

Currently, Vultr offers 6 cloud server plans. Considering the amount of RAM and data transfer, the plans are quite affordable, especially the low-end ones. You can get an SSD server with 768 MB RAM with a low cost of $5/mo. See the screenshot below to gain basic information about the popular low-end plans. Note that additional bandwidth can be purchased at $0.02/mo per GB for North American locations.

Vultr Cloud VPS Plans

The major pros and cons of Vultr cloud VPS are listed in below.

  • Hourly billing is allowed – Like most other cloud hosting providers, Vultr provides hourly billing, so that you will not be charged for the unused time whenever you upgrade or degrade the plan.
  • Quick account activation – In most cases, Vultr provisions a server within 60 seconds.
  • Various operating system choices – You can use CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Windows or even upload your own OS with Vultr Custom ISO.
  • Easy control – Vultr provides many tools and features to improve the user experience. For example, the customer portal allows you to perform reboot, restart, reinstall, etc, easily, and the API enables you to integrate third-party tools to control and destroy your instances.
  • Many potential charges – As the cloud servers only come with a pure OS, you may need to purchase many other add-on services. cPanel is available at $15/mo. And for the automatic daily VPS backups, you are charged 20% higher monthly hosting fee. The automatic backups include 2 copies only.
  • All servers are self-managed – Vultr offers no managed options. Using any cloud server of Vultr, you have to tackle all technical issues by yourself, so you must have enough skills in managing a server. Low-end cloud servers are absolutely the solutions for developers, while small businesses had better consider a managed VPS which comes with cPanel and around-the-clock technical support.
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