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VPSDime, based in Las Vegas, NV, is a new VPS hosting brand opened in 2013. The company claims to offer the highest quality with the best value, and till now, it has hosted over 1 thousand websites.

This provider does not operate a data center by themselves. Their servers are placed in an Incero data center in Dallas, TX. The target markets are two continents: North America and Europe. Besides, VPSDime does not allow customers to use any budget server as a Chinese private game server or to serve a Chinese website.

VPSDime provides budget Linux VPS, premium Linux VPS and Windows VPS, but you cannot purchase a Windows VPS directly at VPSDime because this product is sold under another independent hosting brand.

Therefore, this review focuses on the Linux VPS products, analyzing their edges and limitations to provide references for webmasters, especially VPS beginners.
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Editorial Review

VPSDime Reliability Review 3.50 of 5

VPSDime promises 99.9% uptime. However, the company does not give any detail about their data center facility, power supply or cooling system. Therefore, we have conducted a test and collected the statistics of the past 30 days. The results are good, averaging more than 99.9%, but they cannot gain VPSDime an edge in the fierce competition considering that many providers can achieve 99.99% uptime for VPS.

VPSDime Uptime

VPSDime Technical Support Review 1.50 of 5

VPSDime offers unmanaged services, so the company only accepts support requests related to hardware, network and server performance. Users with any other server issues will probably receive no reply.

The only support method allowed by VPSDime is support ticket. Other methods like phone and live chat are not supported. The ticket response time is guaranteed to be 15 minutes on average.

According to our experience and the experiences of dozens of other users, VPSDime replies tickets quickly and accurately. But the issue coverage is so limited, which makes the company not a good choice for beginners with little technical skills. No one will help manage or optimize your servers even if you are willing to pay.

VPSDime VPS Hosting Plans 2.50 of 5

VPSDime offers two types of Linux VPS: High RAM VPS and Premium VPS, both with scalable memory, storage and bandwidth. Some details about the products are as follows.
  • High RAM VPS: Pricing from $7/mo to $42/mo; 4 CPU cores, 6-36 GB RAM, 30-180 GB SSD storage, 2-12 TB bandwidth & 10 Gbit connections.
  • Premium VPS: Pricing from $20/mo to $160/mo; 1-8 CPU cores, 4-32 GB RAM, 60-480 GB SSD storage, 4-32 TB bandwidth & 10 Gbit connections.
All of the virtual private servers come with full root access and RAID protected SSD storage. Premium VPS users can also get their servers backed up nightly. However, as the servers are unmanaged, you have to buy a control panel additionally. WHM/cPanel license costs $15/mo, and Plesk is priced at $10/mo for 10 domains and $25/mo for 100 domains.

There are some restrictions for the use of VPSDime servers. The limitations vary depending on the type of server you use, but if you receive DDoS attacks, your server may be terminated immediately with/without a refund.

VPSDime Server Usage Restrictions

VPSDime Advantages 2.00 of 5

Cheap solutions

VPSDime offers many cheap servers. For instance, the cheapest plan is available at $7/mo only while it includes 6 GB RAM and 30 GB storage. The plan is powerful even for hosting a complex website.

Stable hosting speed

Due to the utilization of first-rate server hardware, Solid State Drives and fast network, VPSDime has been doing well in speed. According to our monitoring in the past month, the server response time is quite stable. To make the conclusion more precise, we will keep collecting the monitoring statistics.

Read the results for the past 24 hours (monitored with Uptime Robot).

VPSDime Server Response Time

VPSDime Disadvantages 1.00 of 5

CPU cores are not dedicated for High RAM VPS.

All High RAM VPS plans include 4 CPU cores. However, they are shared by many users on the same physical server but not dedicated to you. The company explains that you can use all the cores in peak times, but servers with 5 minutes' load that averages more than 30 will be suspended automatically.

Too limited emails

VPSDime configures all servers with a limitation of maximum 50 email sendout per hour. You can raise the limit by submitting a request to the support team, but you should never expect much. If you have a lot of daily emails to deal with, you'd better think carefully before choosing VPSDime servers.

IPv6 is not supported.

Currently, the provider does not give support to IPv6, and it does not offer a guarantee about when IPv6 will be available, either. It seems that VPSDime fails to keep all of their technologies always up-to-date.

Unreliable backup

VPSDime claims to offer nightly backups, but the company is not responsible for any data loss or the completeness of backups. Data loss caused by hardware failure will not be compensated, either. You, the user, is fully responsible for the data safety and backups.

Unreasonable refund policy

VPSDime offers 72-hour trial, which means that it will refund you in the case that you cancel the account and submit a refund request within the first 3 days of service delivery. Another circumstance in which you can gain a refund is that the company terminates your account without any reason.

To be honest, 3 days are much too short for testing the quality of a service. Most VPS providers are now allowing 30-day refund, and some companies, like InMotion Hosting, even supports 90-day refund.

The Better Alternatives 5.00 of 5

Compared with VPSDime, these are the better VPS hosting alternatives,