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VPS.NET was founded in 2009 in Providence, Utah as a child company of UK2Group, a large web hosting company with early 200 employees. The company focuses on VPS services which are further categorized into Cloud VPS and SSD VPS. So far, the cloud services have served over 10,000 users in more than 180 countries. VPS.NET has four branch offices in US, England, India and Ukraine with over 100 staffs in total.

This review is about to introduce the SSD VPS of VPS.NET, through which you can also have a general picture about how its Cloud VPS performs.

According to different amount of RAM, the company has five different packages which are called VPS1GB, VPS2GB, VPS4GB, VPS8GB and VPS16GB. The plans are rated at $12/mo, $24/mo, $48/mo, $96/mo and $192/mo respectively. Besides, VPS.NET only accepts Visa, MasterCard and PayPal for checkout and supports 30 days money back.
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Editorial Review

VPS.NET Speed Review 3.00 of 5

With two data center locations, London, UK and Salt Lake City, US, available for selection, the company guarantees users choices to pick up a closer one to experience fast server response. The SSD drives can also make your data delivered at fast speed. In addition, every package is powered by 4-core processor so you would no longer worry about slow processing speed.

According to customer reviews, most users think their speed is ok and report no serious slowness happening to their websites. However, there are still a few complains about the speed. Most of those complaints are about unstable network connection which leads to website shutdown or slowness during page and file loading.

VPS.NET Reliability Review 2.00 of 5

As for reliability, the company offers 99.9% uptime guarantee, which means the company will credit to your account if they fail to reach such uptime. According to data, during a week in March, 2014, the company only performed 98.77% uptime. Considering the whole year, VPS.NET had several outages and two serious downtimes. So, the company performed 99.82% overall in the last year.

Customer feedbacks also prove that the company does not perform well in uptime. There are many users complaining about their downtimes, some of which were so bad that their websites were inaccessible for days.

VPS.NET Feature Review 2.50 of 5

If you want to know how VPS.NET is doing in feature, you'd better have a look at their primary plan because primary plans are usually highly-demanded in the market. Thus, in the part, we will focus on the VPS1GB plan.

For VPS1GB users, the company offers 1GB RAM, 25GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth and 4 CPU cores for basic resources. Root access and free SSL are also available. However, the company doesn't provide self-healing, auto-scaling, power pack or API. Even worse, your range doesn't include cPanel and CDN, so you need to pay $10/mo for a cPanel and another sum of money for CDN. Therefore, you actually need to pay at least $22/mo for the primary plan.

Comparing to other VPS providers, VPS.NET doesn't show any edges. For example, InMotion Hosting, a major provider in the market, not only supports 4 GB RAM, 60 GB storage and maximal cores, but also provides free cPanel with the price at only $14.99/mo.

VPS.NET Technical Support Review 2.50 of 5

The company pays much attention on technical support. As they state on their official website that their team is filled with staffs most of who have received education in computer science and other related courses. With such a professional team, the company is committed to offer first-class customer services.

Like many companies in the industry, VPS.NET supports 24x7 live chat, phone and email. Although there are multiple channels for contact, their support quality has been doubted by users. Their live chat cannot be connected sometimes, and the ticket system is very slow. All in all, the company's technical support has a lot to do before it reaches the world-class standard.