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Based in Montreal, Canada, VexxHost has been offering cloud-based hosting services since 2005. The available services now include cloud sites, cloud servers, public cloud, and private cloud.

VexxHost has attracted thousands of users because of the cheap prices of their cloud sites and cloud servers. However, since the beginning of 2014, the company has been suffering a constant decline of the customer base. The main reason for this, according to our review, is the frequent technical problems on their servers.

This review will focus on VexxHost cloud sites, a service similar to shared web hosting but based on a cloud platform. The details about the performance, pricing, features and support are provided. Generally speaking, we don't recommend the service reviewed here, as well as any other cloud hosting offered by VexxHost.
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Editorial Review

VexxHost Speed Review 2.50 of 5

VexxHost is ambitious in their business, which can be seen in their descriptions about their data center and the cloud hosting platform. According to the company's information, you can expect super fast speed for your cloud sites because:
  • The company only uses Dell servers with Intel processors. Besides, each node features a minimum of dual Intel processors with a total of 40 cores, and premium memory with 1866Mhz speed.
  • Cisco network is fully utilized to minimize the network issues.
  • All servers feature full SSD storage.
  • CloudFlare and Railgun are offered for free to ensure much faster delivery of both the static and dynamic content.
Has the information convinced you? If you do, then you should be disappointed about the real speed you can get from VexxHost services. Since our monitoring set up in July 2015, we've seen much slowness. Even in the usual time, the server response time averages more than 500ms. Page loads take several seconds.

VexxHost Server Response Speed

VexxHost Reliability Review 3.00 of 5

In the data center located in Montreal, VexxHost guarantees excellent power redundancy which can support their customers for 30 days during a disaster. Even if there are multiple failures, your sites stay accessible still.

VexxHost claims to offer 100% network and service uptime SLA, but we've found no further information about the compensation for downtimes. If you would like to have a try of this company's service, be careful about the policies.

Although the company has a great guarantee, the uptime shown in our monitoring system doesn't seem the same great. The average is over 99.9% indeed, but the real uptime has not reached 100% in a single month in the past 10 months. Below are the recent results.

VexxHost Uptime

VexxHost Technical Support Review 1.50 of 5

For cloud sites, VexxHost promises 24x7 support. However, you must know that the support service is offered through the ticket system only which is not so responsive. Simple issues about your server might be responded quickly, but if you submit a ticket about downtime or email delivery issues what are their fault, you may wait two days or longer before getting a reply.

Besides, the following facts also contribute to a low rating of the technical support.
  • No phone support is available.
  • You can request support for DNS, reboots or other troubleshooting, but you will have to pay an hourly fee of $80. This rate is very high.

VexxHost Cloud Sites Pricing 3.00 of 5

For cloud sites, VexxHost provides 5 plans in total which are named 5K, 15K, 30K, 60K and 120K respectively. Each plan in the higher level doubles the price, the number of CPU cores and the amount of available RAM of the former plan.

You can get some information about the price and server resources of each plan by referring to the details about the 3 lower-level plans in below.
  • 5K: $10/mo, including 1 CPU core, 1 GB dedicated RAM and 4 GB burstable RAM.
  • 15K: $20/mo, including 2 CPU cores, 2 GB dedicated RAM and 8 GB burstable RAM.
  • 30K: $40/mo, including 4 CPU cores, 4 GB dedicated RAM and 16 GB burstable RAM.
Besides, each plan includes free account setup and website migration. In terms of the guarantee for customer satisfaction, VexxHost promises 30-day refunds. However, there are many refund issues reported, which you can see in the complaints section.

VexxHost Cloud Sites Features 3.50 of 5

VexxHost provides good features for cloud sites. All plans include unlimited disk storage, bandwidth, MySQL databases, email accounts, and the following features.
  • cPanel control panel with Softaculous installer integrated.
  • Spam protection by SpamAssassin and SpamExperts, webmail, and SMTP support.
  • Daily backups powered by R1Soft, a dedicated IP address, and a private SSL certificate. Note that the SSL certificate is not available in the 5K plan.
According to VexxHost, you can upgrade the plan at any time when you need more CPU or RAM. The upgrade takes effect immediately. However, if you downgrade your plan, you may have to wait for a whole month for the action to be taken into effect.

Common Complaints About VexxHost 0.50 of 5

In the recent two years, VexxHost has been complained much for server errors and the indifference about customers' needs. Below are two of the most commonly seen complaints that you have to pay attention to.
  • Misconfigurations of the server and many mistakes of the company's staff. A lot of VexxHost users have reported numerous email issues, routing problems and downtimes due to the provider's fault. What's worse, the management team ever deleted a customer's server accidently without keeping any backup.
  • Refund complaints. If you feel unhappy with the service and request a refund within the 30 days guaranteed by the company, you may not receive a refund. The billing team could play around without offering a refund.

Better Hosting Choices 5.00 of 5

From the offerings of VexxHost, we see nothing better than the standard sharing hosting. If you are seeking ultra reliability, going with a leading shared hosting provider is just OK.

But if you have made up your mind to try cloud sites, we will suggest BlueHost, a top web host offering cloud sites with 100 GB disk storage, unlimited bandwidth, 2 CPU cores and 2 GB RAM at $5.95/mo only when you complete the purchase through this exclusive promotional link.