Vendio Review, Rating & Secret Unveiled 2018

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Vendio, set up in 1999, has so far helped a good number of merchants run their online businesses successfully. This company headquarters in San Mateo and deals with providing multi-channel trade platforms, including Amazon, Facebook, eBay and eBay Motors, etc. At this rate, it is a great option for people who plan to sell merchandise through third-party platforms.

Apart from eCommerce solutions, Vendio also provides webmasters with web hosting service. To be frank, its hosting products are far from excellent and come with some fatal flaws, such as longer-than-average loading time, buggy systems and inefficient support, etc.

In terms of packages, Vendio so far has released three options – Mini, Personal and Business. Note that each plan includes 12/24-month billing circles and free domain registration. Take the basic Mini plan for example, it is advertised at $4.95/mo and $3.95/mo on annually and biennially payment basis respectively. Note that you need to pay in full at one time and pay additional $25 setup fee. One spotlight is that all plans are integrated with a one hundred percent money back guarantee.
Editorial Review

Vendio Speed Review 2.50 of 5

Vendio takes pride in providing customers with high-performance hardware and servers. However, this company has no related clue for its network infrastructures on the advertising page, which is quite embarrassing. In this sense, this firm probably rents other hosting servers or equipment from overseas countries.

To top it all, Vendio has been criticized for slow server connectivity, which is the most unbearable part for most users. And there are always some glitches in the system ready to affect site performance in a negative way.

Vendio Reliability Review 2.50 of 5

In this respect, Vendio claims to take reliability seriously and guarantees up to 99.99% server uptime. To make clients' websites stored in a secure facility, this company applies ventilation infrastructures and redundant power suppliers. In the meantime, it takes advantage of advanced recovery and backup systems to minimize downtime as possible.

However, the actual uptime of Vendio is far from satisfactory. According to collected feedbacks, Vendio is said to have a chronic problem with supplying reliable email service. Even some people spell out that their emails sometimes go down for several days without any explanation and notification.

Vendio Feature Review 2.50 of 5

In view of features, each of the plans contains multiple coding languages, including PHP, Python, Perl, etc. In addition, they all support some Fantastico site-building tools, such as WordPress, Viper Guestbook, Template Express and Coppermine photo gallery, etc. More importantly, the three plans feature the easy-to-control cPanel which is can be the most significant mutual feature among them.

When it comes to the core resources, the elite Business plan is stored with 6GB disk space, 150GB monthly bandwidth, 5 parked and add-on domains, unlimited sub-domains, FTP accounts, and POP3 email accounts. On the other hand, the entry-level Mini plan consists of 25MB disk space, 1GB monthly data transfer, 1 FTP account and 2 email boxes, excluding sub-domains, parked domains and add-on domains.

Objectively speaking, those mentioned tools and languages are common elsewhere. Plus, unlike what is advertised, the limited resources in the elite Business plan don't have great value for money

Vendio Technical Support Review 2.00 of 5

Customer support is a fatal drawback of Vendio. Firstly, this company seems to have no urgency in support and only grants email support for users' issues, be emergent or common. Besides, this web host only offers chatroom support in the much expensive Personal and Business plans, which makes its profit-seeking intentions couldn't be more obvious. To top it off, its support personnel seem to be not as skilful and professional as is boasted and tend to respond you with a stock answer.