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UltraHosting is a North America based hosting provider that has been in the IT industry since 1983. The company offers VPS hosting solutions only and claims that their services are backed by over 20 years' expertise.

The service range of UltraHosting consists of Linux VPS and Windows VPS. For Windows VPS, there are two branches – Windows Virtuozzo VPS and Windows Forex VPS. These offerings are designed to cater for the needs of any online businesses. As for the payment processing, UltraHosting supports Visa, MasterCard and American Express. PayPal or any other payment method is not allowed.

According to the official statistics, UltraHosting runs their own data centers covering over 70,000 square feet, and there is a group of talented staff working for technical support and facility management. But this company has been indeed keeping a very badly-designed official website which brings no visual pleasure at all. They might need to hire a better designer.

In recent 5 years, UltraHosting has received many more complaints than praises. Among all the products, the Windows Forex VPS has been under the sharpest criticism. This review will reveal the reasons why you should not choose UltraHosting as your VPS provider.
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UltraHosting Reliability Review 2.50 of 5

UltraHosting does not release any uptime statistics on their website, but they have a Service Level Agreement that guarantees 100% uptime for power, network and the cooling system. For the failure of the commitment, the company credits your account with 10% of the monthly hosting fee for uptime between 99% and 100%, or 100% for uptime below 95%.

UltraHosting reboots all VPS servers and performs standard maintenance on every Sunday morning. Besides, the company promises that any server hardware replacement would be completed within 4 hours.

The uptime of UltraHosting is good, but not as excellent as 100% in most months. Below are the fresh results of our monitoring.

UltraHosting Uptime

UltraHosting Technical Support Review 1.00 of 5

The technical support offered by UltraHosting is always bad, sometimes even terrible. As all the VPS solutions are unmanaged, it is reasonable that the support representatives do not help with third-party applications or some custom configurations, but the slow responses and rude attitude are what annoy most users.

According to our research and experience, UltraHosting technical support is bad because of the following reasons.
  • Only the ticket system works. Phone and live chat are available, but they are not accessible at all times.
  • It can take more than 1 day to get a response from email for support requests.
  • The support representatives are not willing to help and they usually say they don't know how or they can't help.

UltraHosting VPS Hosting Plans 3.00 of 5

UltraHosting offers affordable Linux VPS, Windows Virtuozzo VPS and Windows Forex VPS, each product with 4-6 plans. All the plans include 1 IP address.
  • Linux VPS hosting includes 6 plans with 256-2048 MB RAM, 5-50 GB disk space and 200-1500 GB bandwidth, pricing from $17.95/mo to $64.95/mo.
  • Windows Virtuozzo VPS includes 5 plans with 2 remote desktop connections, 384-2048 GB RAM, 5-40 GB disk space and 200-1500 GB bandwidth, pricing from $24.95/mo to $69.95/mo.
  • Windows Forex VPS, designed for MT4 trading platforms, includes 4 plans with 368-2048 MB RAM, 5-30 GB disk space and 200-1500 GB bandwidth, pricing from $24.95/mo to $69.95/mo.
For different plans of Windows Forex VPS, UltraHosting allows 1-10 MT4 installs. Besides, with any VPS plan except for Windows Forex VPS, you can purchase additional dedicated IPs and bandwidth with extra fees.

UltraHosting VPS Hosting Advantages 1.50 of 5

The advantages of UltraHosting VPS solutions are the flexibility and reasonable pricing. No matter you want a business solution or just a platform for hosting a blog, the company gets your need covered. Also, you can make a free choice between Linux and Windows, and scale the resources at any time.

However, you should know that UltraHosting is a "cheap" solution for developers and those users with sufficient server management skills, but not beginners. If you need someone to manage the server for you, the company's solutions can be expensive because of the high charges for managed services.

UltraHosting VPS Hosting Disadvantages 0.50 of 5

Below are some of the most important aspects that you should take into consideration before completing the payment with UltraHosting.

Unstable server response

As we have been monitoring UltraHosting server response speed for a couple of months, we noticed that the response time is short at most times but it is not stable at all. Normally, the response time is below 200ms, but spikes occur frequently.

UltraHosting Server Response Speed

Complaints about server setup

It is not a rare case that UltraHosting does not start providing the VPS service within 2 days after customers' payments are processed successfully. Sometimes they receive the money, and then just leave the user hanging in the air without gaining access to a server. In this case, the support team is not responsive, either. Many users can only get their servers running after 5 days of purchase.

Unreliable MT4 hosting

When hosting MT4 on an UltraHosting VPS, the software can be down frequently. In the case of software not running, the support team will probably blame the accident on you and does not even offer an explanation about what has happened.

No refund for prepayments

UltraHosting provides no refund, as is described in the Terms of Service. Therefore, you should at least avoid prepayments for more than 1-month hosting to reduce the risk, or you might suffer a large loss when you feel dissatisfied with the service you receive.

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