Ubiquity Hosting Review, Rating & Secret Unveiled 2018

Ubiquity Hosting
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Ubiquity hosting, established in 2004, started its business from dedicated servers. Now its products have expanded to cloud hosting, overstock servers, managed hosting, web hosting and so on.

With its headquarters in Chicago, Ubiquity realizes that innovativeness serves as the key in competition. Thus, the company makes lots of efforts in research and development so as to keep its technology up to date.

Among its products, shared web hosting is the focus of this review. As for its shared hosting plans, there is only one plan available with the price at $4.95/mo. Most the web hosting providers have multiple plans for customers' differentiated requirements. With only one plan at such a high price, there is actual no good for small business owners or individuals.

The company doesn't charge for any setup fees. And when you make your payment, please keep it in mind that the company only accepts PayPal and credit card.
Editorial Review

Ubiquity Hosting Speed Review 3.00 of 5

The company has 7 data centers located in major cities in USA such as New York and Los Angeles. All of their data centers are under good maintenance. Take New York data center for an example. The company has built security systems and power systems to ensure normal and fast operation.

Besides, the company uses Brocade SuperX distribution layer switching and Cisco Catalyst and Supermicro SSE access layer switching so as to maintain their fully meshed and redundant network connection.

However, there are still some complaints about their server and network slowness. So, there is still a lot of work to do about their servers and network improvement.

Ubiquity Hosting Reliability Review 2.00 of 5

Considering its reliability, the company promises 100% uptime. Generally, most web hosting providers can promise 99.9% uptime which is reasonable and acceptable under shared hosting conditions. And in real world, 100% uptime is extremely difficult to keep.

In fact, Ubiquity only performs 99.78% uptime. From Jan 2008 to Jan 2015, there are 27 tracked outages, nearly half of which lasted over 30 minutes. And the most serious outage lasted for 36 hours. To be frank, such uptime is terrible. And it would apparently lead to huge loss.

Thus, Ubiquity would better improve their technologies and move on step by step. Only in such a manner can it really provide reliable hosting service for users.

Ubiquity Hosting Feature Review 1.50 of 5

For their shared web hosting plan, the company provides unlimited domains, storage and bandwidth. Also, they support unlimited emails and FTP accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, and automated backups.

But some key software is not available in the plan. Although they have pre-installed cPanel, you still have to pay $25/mo for cPanel licensing. And there is no e-commence support.

From the company's history and the information about shared hosting on their official websites, you may notice that shared web hosting is not their major product. Thus, there is a little information available about shared web hosting features. Given the features and some potential charges that are ahead of you, Ubiquity shared web hosting plan doesn't have any competitive edges actually.

Ubiquity Hosting Technical Support Review 1.50 of 5

As an American company, Ubiquity has built their US-based support team. You can contact their support representatives via live chat, phone and email. But they don't have knowledgebase or video tutorials for self-help. There is no community or forum for user exchanges either.

Besides, according to customer feedbacks, Ubiquity is doing poorly in their technical support. You can find many "Poor" among their customer reviews. Their support staffs are unresponsive and low-efficient. Sometimes, and customers have to make many calls to solve certain issues.

All in all, the contact channels are limited, which is not convenient for customers, and some of their support staffs are not qualified. Therefore, Ubiquity still has a lot to improve on their way to be a top-class web hosting provider.