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Zpanel VS cPanel – Find the Better Web Hosting Control Panel

updated on Nov 01, 2017
Zpanel VS cPanel – Find the Better Web Hosting Control Panel Currently, there are a multitude of easy-to-navigate control panels springing up on the market including cPanel, Zpanel, vDeck, DirectAdmin, etc. It means that on the one hand you are prepared with multiple alternative choices, but on the other hand you are more likely to get lost when faced with so many choices so as to have troubles on finding out the most appropriate choice for hosting the site.

Thus, having given the elaborate and unbiased comparisons between vDeck and cPanel and DirectAdmin and cPanel, we would like to give another comparison between Zpanel and cPanel on purpose to help you find out the best web hosting control panel. Read the information as follows.

Common Features from These Two Options

No matter which control panel you choose, you can get the below common set of features, allowing the access to:
  • Web-based file system
  • Database management
  • Backup management
  • Domain system
  • FTP management
  • Email management
  • SSH management
  • Log file report
  • Plugin system

Zpanel VS cPanel - Popularity

At the first place, both Zpanel and cPanel are user-friendly and popular control panels that help users to manage the email accounts and website files as well as databases. Whereas, in terms of the popularity, cPanel is more familiar to the public than Zpanel and it is widely acknowledged as one of the most popular and easy-to-use control panels by many webmasters thanks to its unique and useful features.

Zpanel VS cPanel - Popularity In addition, as a rich-featured and powerful control panel, cPanel also wins a wide range of trust from a great number of high-quality web hosting companies, such as JustHost, A2Hosting, InMotion and so on. Comparatively, Zpanel just offers one single Zpanel-optimized hosting service named as Hostwinds which certainly cannot match the first-rated and world-class hosting service from the mentioned web hosts above.

Zpanel VS cPanel - Platform

Speaking to the platform, Zpanel is a complete and free web hosting control panel which is designed for running on the Windows, Linux, Unix and MacOSX platform. Therefore, as Zpanel is free to download and use and can be accessible for users adopting all POSIX and Windows based operating system, it defeats its competitor.

In comparison, cPanel is a graphics-based and premium control panel which only gives support for Linux platform. In details, for VPS users, cPanel charges for $20 per month and $200 per year respectively; for dedicated users, cPanel charges for $45 per month and $425 per year differently. But it needs to point out that webmasters buying it from a distributor just need to pay $15 to $20 and $35 to $40 fees for the VPS and dedicated service.

Zpanel VS cPanel – Features

Zpanel VS cPanel - Features As a control panel released 10 years before, Zpanel is gradually improved by a team of exhausting and professional developers and its latest version is claimed to work as well as cPanel with supporting for the management of MySQL databases, DNS, FTP, email accounts. Moreover, this control panel allows you to install multiple language packages so as to specify the unique user translation from the module of My Account.

Comparatively, integrated with WHM, cPanel offers people with more powerful features to easily and quickly manage the site and server. To be specific, cPanel endows a quantity of email and file tools for you to choose, including the auto responders, back-up wizard, web disk, file manager, etc. The most obvious difference existing between Zpanel and cPanel is that only the latter supports for the domain keys and DKIM, which makes the latter more trustworthy and powerful than the former.

Zpanel VS cPanel – Technical Support

Zpanel is developed and well-supported by a team of volunteers all over the world and a large number of community users who are rather experienced in designing the third-party themes and modules for this panel. Furthermore, Zpanel not only offers the documentation, community and forum support channels, but also provides you with the first priority to get access to their support staffs and get instant answers by paying additional $10 fees per month.

Zpanel VS cPanel - Technical Support Compared with the competitor, cPanel supplies you with all kinds of solutions in the help center and community forums. In addition, it allows you to contact the technical staffs through submitting a request or helps you independently fix the issues by watching the tutorial videos. Note that all of those mentioned service are free of charge, which is more reasonable and affordable than Zpanel.

Conclusion – Both Are Good Options

Having compared Zpanel and cPanel from the aspect of popularity, platform,technical support and features, we think that Zpanel is a good option for people has small business and budget, but it is not a favourable option for people desiring for more advanced features and high-quality technical support. In this case, we recommend you to choose cPanel for web hosting and here are the powerful and insuperable web hosts offering cPanel as following.