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X-Cart Review on eCommerce Features, Extensions & Cost

updated on Sep 14, 2014
X-Cart Review on eCommerce Features, Extensions & Cost According to our hosting experience and readers' feedbacks from X-Cart, we firmly verify that X-Cart is an exceptional eCommerce solution and it is also competitive even compared with the best eCommerce software on the market. To make our judgement more believable and persuasive, we will make a detailed and un-biased review on X-Cart from the aspects of cost, eCommerce features, and extensions.

First of all, X-Cart is a PHP-based eCommerce solution which can be downloaded and installed to use or be used a cloud-based platform. Note that there are over 30,000 online stores are built on the X-cart platform. Besides, if you want to download, install and put this program into use on a self-hosted site, it is quite fundamental and necessary for you to choose an eCommerce hosting to get your online business run smoothly.

Price & Packages

X-Cart Review - Price Just like other open-source eCommerce solutions such as osCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and WooCommerce, X-Cart is free to download and use for hosting online stores. Besides, this software offers two paid packages and 15-day free trial for the cloud solution. The detailed cost and features they have in store are displayed below.
  • Free edition - free to download and fit for small businesses and e-commerce newcomers. This package offers you essential features for starting your online store and the entry-level product.
  • Business - the most appropriate choice for middle-sized or growing business. What's more, this version endows more useful features and large capability for bigger shops. It charges for $495 for you.
  • Business Premium – the most trustworthy option with top features and support. It is the best choice for people having big demand for extra powerful features with lifetime license included. It charges for $1495 as it comes with more powerful features.
  • X-Cart cloud - can be hosted on its cloud servers with installation and set-up included. It is one hundred percent customizable and allows you to have a 15-day trial to decide whether it is worthwhile for going with, starting at $19.95/mo.

eCommerce Features

X-Cart Review - Features Perhaps the most pivotal element in the successfully running online business is that the eCommerce features for merchants, and X-Cart does a good job in this aspect by offering robust and great features for users worldwide. Read the following parts, and know more about it.

Mobile Ready

This software endows a bootstrap-based gorgeous design on all kinds of devices ranging from tablet and cell to wide-screen desktop for people. In addition, it has a mobile skin available for people as an alternative option and provides safe checkout support and shopping cart. Also, X-Cart can be fully customizable and used for any type of gadget.

X-Cart POS System

The web-based X-Cart point of sale system can make you control your website and retail store. In details, this system makes you able to add your new product to the database or decide which one can be seen in the storefront section. It works with affordable and popular hardware you need for hosting commercial activities.

Shipping Features & Social Features

X-Cart includes a couple of shipping features and social features as follows.
  • Multiple search and shopping cart options, easy product browsing, user-friendly shopping, order and customer management, special promotions and pricing.
  • Social profile authorization like Facebook and Google, Twitter and Facebook accounts connection and G+ buttons for sharing products and content.

Catalogue Management & Marketing Features

X-Cart also has quantities of catalogue management and marketing features as follows.
  • Unlimited number of categories, products, admin accounts and category nesting, inventory tracking, multiple pricing options and order changes tracking.
  • Product ratings and reviews, flexible banner system, special pricing and XML sitemap.


X-Cart Review - Extensions X-Cart is also widely-trusted by hundreds and thousands of worldwide users through offering rich extensions to choose from. You can select your favourite modules and design templates and buy the SSL certificate on its official site.

In terms of this software's modules, there are many popular and useful modules available for you, such as CloudSearch, Xero Integration, Customer Satisfaction, Banner Pro, Shiplark, Webmaster Kit, Stock Chart, WishList and POS system. What's more, X-Cart offers plenty of design and skin templates for beautifying your site including animals, beauty, baby, books, cars, computers, electronics, fashion, games, holidays, flowers, hotels, wedding and so on.


According to the overall and unbiased introduction on X-Cart, we can verify that this software is rich and abundant in eCommerce features and extensions with giving alternative packages for you to try or use. Generally speaking, X-Cart is the very eCommerce shopping cart solution for you and if you want to download this software to create your online store, you should choose a reliable hosting package. Thus, we have those recommendations as follows.