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How to Write an SEO Optimized Blog Post in WordPress?

updated on Sep 14, 2014
How to Write an SEO Optimized Blog Post in WordPress? Good search engine rankings can certainly bring large traffic to your WordPress blog thus accelerate the success of it. But good SEO requires knowledge and work that are not familiar for most normal bloggers. In this case, there are two options. You can choose to hire a SEO consultant or make efforts to do some basic things by yourself.

The former solution is suitable if you run a blog for your company or a large business, while the latter one is better when you have a limited budget or just own a small personal blog.

SEO is not easy, but to be honest, there are many things you can do to make improvements. In this article, we have focused on one of the primary concerns about SEO – how to write an SEO optimized WordPress blog post to make it easy for search engines to pick your posts and rank them highly. The tips below, therefore, are what we think you should take care of.

Make sure that your post title includes valuable keywords

When search engines, like Google, read a blog post to index it, the post title or headline is among the first things they see and care about. Google even regards the words appearing earliest as the most important ones. Since the title is so important when it comes to SEO, make sure that the title includes your keywords so that it brings the keywords fast and easily to search engines.

Choosing proper keywords for your blog post is also a crucial job in SEO because if they are unvalued, no one will waste the time to search for them and then read your content. So you should try and guess from the perspective of your readers what they are probably to type when they use a search engine.

If the process is to confusing, you can use some tools or techniques to find valuable related keywords for your blog post, such as Google AdWords Keyword Planner,, or Wordtracker. You can also use Google Insights to get the search trends of a certain keyword.

Once you have found your keywords, make them appear as quickly as you can, but remember, do not only do the optimization to search engines, as your readers will not read your post if they find that your title is unreadable.

Use keywords throughout your post

Keywords are what search engines crawl upon and index your blog post, so in order to get a favorable ranking in the search results, you'd better pay attention to the use of keywords throughout your whole writing process. Generally speaking, we suggest you to include them in the following places.
  • Title
  • Permalink
  • Headings and subheadings
  • Alternate text to images in the post
  • Anchor text to a hyperlink to a related post on your blog
  • Introduction and conclusion of the post
  • Title tags and meta descriptions

Note that you should control the density of the keywords in your post because containing too many keywords with no real content can be penalized by Google as well as disappoint your existing blog followers and subscribers.

Add links to old blog posts and somewhere else

WordPress SEO Adding links in your blog post is necessary if you don't want your readers to go away from your blog without jumping into another page. To do this, you can link one to three old blog post(s) to the related words in the new blog post. As SEO is discussed, this deed improves your page rank as well as gives a way for search engine crawlers to find your old posts in case that there were errors in crawling them before.

When you need to mention another blogger or a product from a company, remember to include a link to the information you are referencing. It not only gives convenience for your readers to get more information, but also brings the possibility for you to get a link back. Quality links can significantly increase the rank of your blog posts as well as the credibility.

Don't overdo or abuse the links in your blog posts, or you'll get penalized by search engines. Readers hate a blog post filled with links, too.

Optimize your images

Proper images make your blog post more complete and a pleasure for readers to enjoy. Therefore, before publish your blog post, make sure that you have uploaded related images, and whenever you use an image, be sure to include the keywords in the file name and use them to add a brief description in the alternate text.

This is beneficial. On the one hand, it helps search engines see your effort to create a complete piece of content, and on the other hand, it increases the readability of your blog post thus keep visitors to stay and even enjoy other posts on your blog.


Besides the 4 points above, there are still some other things you can do to make your new blog post more SEO optimized. You should write quality content, keep it a reasonable length, and much more. But as WordPress itself is a CMS optimized for SEO, you should be confident about the search engine rankings and traffics if you have done necessary optimization methods and always kept your content being high quality.

In fact, the popularity of your blog as well as the posts also relies on the quality of your web hosting service which you can do nothing to make any changes – no one likes slow and inaccessible blogs. What you can do is to find a reliable web host. Here are our recommendations for WordPress blogs, which have been tested and reviewed by ourselves.