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WPEngine VS Media Temple on WordPress Hosting

updated on Aug 31, 2015
WPEngine VS Media Temple on WordPress Hosting Both WPEngine and Media Temple are reputed WordPress hosting providers which invest a considerable amount of time and money to offer webmasters free-of-hassle WordPress hosting experience. However, although the two web hosts have some characteristics in common, they actually differ from each other when more details are taken into consideration.

For people who are curious about the differences existing between WPEngine and Media Temple, we prepare them with the following elaborate and profound comparison of the two companies based on more than 100 reviews on WordPress hosting deals and the real customers' feedbacks.

First of all, we prefer to present a comprehensive and authentic rating table of the two hosting providers from the uptime, loading speed, price, feature, technical support and customer rating aspects. Go on reading and find more unknown information.

RatingwpengineMedia Temple
Plan in ComparisonPersonal PlanWordPress Hosting Plan
Page Loading Speed
Technical Support
Customer Rating

Plans & Price

As one multi-functional and renowned web hosting company, WPEngine generously offers its customers four useful WordPress hosting packages which are named after Personal, Professional, Business and Enterprise in obedience to the monthly website visits and the number of WordPress sites users have. To be specific, the first two packages charge for $29/mo and $99/mo respectively.

WPEngine VS Media Temple - Plans & Price What's more, this company commits to giving users who are not completely happy with its platform the 60 days free-of-risk money back guarantee, which means that customers are able to obtain a full refund in the first 60 days.

Comparatively, as a professional and whole-hearted hosting company, Media Temple provides its users with one multi-functional and all-in-one WordPress hosting plan which also charges for $29/mo like its competitor does. Furthermore, this hosting provider only gives customers who are not completely content with its service a 30-day money back guarantee, which is not as considerate and free-of-risk as that of WPEngine.

Functionality & Features

As the only managed WordPress hosting company integrating with Git, WPEngine provides webmasters with its end-to-end control panel and one-click snapshot of the entire site including the files and database stored on their servers. In addition, this company allows users to have WordPress security updates automatically with the protection from its powerful firewall and malware scanning.

In the meantime, by giving support for multiple scripting languages such as MySQL 5.5 and PHP 5.4 and the latest version of WordPress core, Media Temple allows its customers to build their ideal WordPress websites. Additionally, this web host also has 30-day backup snapshots with just one-click restore and automatic malware scanning in store for webmasters. Moreover, this hosting provider endows a self-developed and integrated control panel for WordPress users to have an easy website management experience.

In addition to what we have discussed above, we also select other important features of the two hosting providers to further unveil the difference existing between them. Details are performed as follows.

FeaturewpengineMedia Temple
Plan in ComparisonPersonal PlanWordPress Hosting Plan
WP Install (s)13
SSD Storage10GB20GB
Email Support
Telephone Support
SSH Access
Live Chat Support
Unlimited Bandwidth

Reliability & Performance

Both WPEngine and Media Temple promise to supply its customers with a reliable and fully-supported environment for hosting their WordPress websites without any distraction from the frequently appeared interruption. In details, to make the commitment persuasive, the former makes use of international data centers in Japan and UK as well as US and countless unique technologies, such as the content delivery network service and ever-cache support.

WPEngine VS Media Temple - Reliability & Performance On the other hand, the latter owns a group of kind-hearted and responsible technicians keeping constant monitoring on its server 24 hours a day and 7 days a week all year round. Besides, Media Temple also has alternative West and East data centers and high-performance servers in store for webmasters.

Thus, the past 30 days' average uptime of WPEngine has achieved a rather satisfying level of 99.6% and the average uptime of Media Temple gets close to 99.8% in the past 30 days. Also, according to the past six-month day-and-night monitoring result, although the average server response time of WPEngine is much longer than that of many reputed hosting companies such as JustHost, BlueHost and WebHostingHub, it is still a little bit less than that of its competitor which is calculated to 473ms.

Technical Support

Both as the good solutions for WordPress hosting, WPEngine and Media Temple make their customers well-prepared with a piles of detailed issue solutions ranging from the migration process, common questions, featured plugins to general WordPress engine information. However, attention should be paid that only the latter provides webmasters with the most effective and convenient contact way of the phone call, and it is admitted as the most transparent disparity existing between them.


Having deeply analysed WPEngine and Media Temple as mentioned above, we come to the conclusion that both of the two companies have relatively low price, rich features, reliable and high-speed WordPress hosting service. But neither of them supports for cPanel and only the latter supports the phone call customer service. If you want these features, check out BlueHost managed WordPress hosting plans.