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WPEngine - When Do You Need the Managed WordPress Hosting, and When You Don't?

updated on Sep 14, 2014
WPEngine - When Do You Need the Managed WordPress Hosting, and When You Don't? As you go far into the WordPress hosting world gradually, you may encounter more and more difficulties if you are not a professional. Your site might be slow, vulnerable to attacks, or even get down frequently, but you simply do not know what to do. At this time, managed WordPress hosting from a reliable web host, like WPEngine, is a solution for you.

Managed WordPress hosting is a kind of web hosting service specialized in the optimization of WordPress sites, managing all kinds of technical stuff for you. Purchasing such a solution, you no longer need to worry about your site's updates, security, speed, and uptime because you know a professional always works on those things. Even if you meet any troubles, you can access a support staff to solve them. All you need to do is to focus on the content of your site.

However, you should know that managed WordPress hosting is not a good option for every WordPress user, for the reason that it also has some disadvantages, such as the fairly expensive price, limitations on the adoption of WordPress plugins, and users' lack of control over the changes of their sites.

Whether you need managed WordPress hosting completely depends on the real situation you are in. In below, we have analyzed several common situations when you need managed WordPress hosting and when you don't, just for your reference.

When you need managed WordPress hosting

When You Need Managed WordPress Hosting If you have any of the following problems, we suggest you to go with WPEngine to get your WordPress site well managed and protected by those people who know what to do and how to do the things.
  • The WordPress site is your business. Business is serious, because any destruction can lead to loss or even failure. If you are not sure that you are able to do everything right, managed WordPress hosting will be a need. It has the full ability to keep every technical element of your site right in its position, so you can just concentrate on expanding your business instead of wasting time and energy in the maintenance only to find that your site is still at the risk of losing sales because of the bad performance and security.
  • You are running a high-traffic WordPress site but have no idea how to manage other aspects except for the content. Your site has wonderful design and contents which have attracted a large number of visitors and subscribers, but coming with the traffic are the slowness and some other problems. Since you are not an expert, you cannot figure out the reasons and do not know how to make proper changes. In this case, a managed WordPress hosting package can bring your site to a group of experts who are able to keep it secure and fast.
  • You are serious about your site but have no time to manage the server. Another instance in which you need managed service is that you want someone else to manage the server for you because you have no time. You care about your site and have the ability to keep it well but are simply too busy to do that. Or you may have several WordPress sites, which makes it a little bit exhausting to manage each of them by yourself.
  • You want professional and hassle-free advanced technical support. Most shared web hosting providers have an excellent support team with well trained staff. But they cannot assist you with things like site functionality, WordPress errors and performance. Managed WordPress hosting providers do that. Their staffs are highly knowledgeable with WordPress and always give advice on the use of plugins, and much more.

When you don't need managed WordPress hosting

When You Don't Need Managed WordPress HostingAs mentioned above, managed WordPress hosting service is not a right choice for every WordPress user. So if you are in any situation among the following ones, you'd better think twice before purchasing a managed hosting package.
  • You are a beginner in the WordPress hosting field. If you are a beginner desiring to learn how to manage your own site, you do not need managed WordPress hosting. Using this kind of service, you have limited control over your site. For instance, you are not allowed to install resource-consuming things like cache plugins. However, when you use shared web hosting, you get full control over everything on you site, including installing any themes or plugins you like. (As a suggestion, you should limit the number of plugins as too many of them can slow down your site.)
  • You have a very limited budget for your WordPress site. Managed WordPress is time-saving and worry-free indeed, but its cost is also significant. As shared web hosting usually starts from about $4/mo, managed hosting service, in most cases, starts from approximately $30/mo, several times more expensive. WPEngine, a leading provider of managed WordPress hosting, offers its cheapest plan at $29/mo which allows hosting only one WordPress site.
  • You are a web developer or have already got someone with enough technical knowledge to manage your site on shared, VPS or dedicated servers. Of course, if you are skilled enough in WordPress hosting or have hired a developer for your site, you have no need to pay for managed service any more.
  • You want to run several sites built with different applications on the same web hosting account. There is no doubt that managed WordPress hosting only works for WordPress sites. This gives expression to the professionalism, but at the same time, it could also be a limitation. Since you are not allowed to host your Drupal or Joomla sites on the same account as your WordPress site, it would be more difficult to manage each of them on different servers with different control panels. Shared web hosting, however, usually supports to host multiple sites built with different applications on the same account.


With the detailed information given above, now you can make a decision whether to choose a managed WordPress hosting package. If you really need one for the sake of the increased performance and security of your site, we recommend WPEngine, an outstanding managed WordPress hosting service provider with several alternative packages.

Or if you think you would like shared web hosting instead, the 3 web hosts listed below are recommended, all of which are selected carefully from the competitive WordPress hosting market.