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WordPress VS b2evolution - Which Software is Better for Blogging?

updated on Nov 15, 2016
WordPress VS b2evolution - Which Software is Better for Blogging? WordPress and b2evolution are the 2 most widely used PHP based blogging software. Both of them are free and open source so that users can simply download, install and then build their own websites and blogs in any way they like. Does this mean they are almost the same? Not yet. In fact, WordPress and b2evolution have a lot of differences in many aspects.

Below is the comparison between them, in which the differences are presented clearly to help readers make a choice for their new blogs based on specific requirements.

WordPress VS b2evolution – Overview

Started in 2003, WordPress has been recognized as the #1 blogging software by the vast users all over the world. As an open source project, it is created by the community and also for the community. Besides the, a site where users can download and install the software, there is also a service called which provides a platform for WordPress users to get started a new and free blog in seconds without installing WordPress.

b2evolution is a CCMS (Content + Community Management system) integrating content management, community management and online marketing features. Available without any charge, this software is best known for the capabilities to manage multiple blogs and support multiple users and admins under a single installation without the need for external plugins.

WordPress VS b2evolution on Customer Base

At present, WordPress is serving over 60 million people and powering more than 14% of the world's top 1,000,000 websites. Due to the great usability and community support, WordPress has been chosen by a large number of famous organizations, universities, businesses, media and celebrities for their online presence, including The New York Times, US Air Force General Chuck Yeager, The Rolling Stones, Harvard Gazette Online and BBC America.

Compared to WordPress, b2evolution has a fairly small customer base and community although it is used by thousands of people. So far, b2evolution has 893 likes on Facebook and 530 followers on Twitter. Despite this, b2evolution is welcomed by advanced bloggers and those who operate several blogs.

WordPress VS b2evolution on Ease of Use

As most web hosts nowadays provide 1-click application installers, installing both of WordPress and b2evolution is more than easy. With the help of this kind of time and energy saving tools, the installation process can be completed in seconds in most cases. However, WordPress surpasses b2evolution when it comes to the easy management of blogs.

Content Uploading. Both of WordPress and b2evolution offer HTML versions for created posts and pages, and a visual or "WYSIWYG" screen. However, b2evolution doesn't allow users to simply copy and paste content. When users try to do this, they may encounter numerous errors, which can be confusing for those who have no idea about how to edit HTML.

The Backend Admin. For IT professionals who have knowledge on CSS, HTML and PHP, they may find the management of b2evolution is just as easy as WordPress, but for newbies, the drag and drop functionality of WordPress is definitely more helpful. WordPress provides many tools to help users manage and customize their website with ease.

b2evolution, by contrast, requires a longer period for users to learn its documentation before starting. The admin interface has basically no context-sensitive help and is fairly incomprehensive. In addition, there is no mass-edit mechanism for removing or editing multiple posts or comments.

Website URLs. As a simple and memorable website URL is more SEO friendly, WordPress admin panel allows you to customize the permalinks of your posts and pages without the need to learn the complicated technical stuff. It generates .htaccess rules and places it to your website root automatically. Things are different with b2evolution. Applying the change to b2evolution demands certain knowledge on PHP.

WordPress VS b2evolution on Customizability

WordPress is completely customizable and can be used for almost anything. It is backed by a large community in which hundreds of developers are working on the plugins and themes. So far, there are more than 1,900 free themes and 26,000 free plugins available at You can simply find the ones you like and then download them to beautify the appearance and extend the functionality of your WordPress site.

Moreover, you can also purchase thousands of premium themes at a marketplace like All of the extensions, no matter free or paid, have a simple and fast installation process and require no technical skills.

Compared with WordPress, b2evolution community is relatively limited in terms of the availability of extensions. There are only 107 skins and 182 plugins at The process for installing these themes and plugins is quite simple, but some extensions require further configuration. If you have little experience with coding, you will not be able to do much customization work.

Which Is Better for Blogging?

As the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, WordPress has many advantages over b2evolution undoubtedly. It is an ideal option for both newbies and advanced bloggers who want to build an easy-to-use blog with fully extensible functionality and fascinating appearance. But if you need easy management for multiple blogs, you should have a try on b2evolution.

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