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Best WordPress Twitter Plugins Inserting Twitter Features to Sites

updated on Aug 08, 2017
Best WordPress Twitter Plugins Inserting Twitter Features to Sites WordPress, as an excellent PHP-based open source blogging tool, offers a multitude of Twitter plugins for webmasters to insert the features of Twitter into WordPress sites. What's more, as the most user-friendly and renowned content management system, WordPress also endows many kinds of plugins for meeting with various needs including social media, database, mobile, ecommerce, form, search, calendar plugins or more.

On the other hand, we have selected out the best WordPress Twitter plugins for users to choose and have prepared the easy-to-understand tutorial on how to install WordPress plugins for newbies to check. Have a look at the following content and select the most satisfying one.

Widget Twitter

As the best WordPress Twitter plugin for integrating your WordPress website with Twitter, Widget Twitter enables users to highlight the excellent stories on the site and spread the awareness or popularity on Twitter. What's more, you are allowed to display various timelines of Twitter and customize the buttons' basic features. In addition, this plugin owns a clean and easy-to-use design with the button of Follow and Mention as well as Hashtag involved.

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Best WordPress Twitter Plugins - widget Twitter

Simple Twitter Plugin

Simple Twitter Plugin gives the support for displaying the timeline for Tweets from a user's favourites, an individual user or any search query in the sidebar. Moreover, this plugin is interactive and allows you to make the Tweets see the retweet and cards inline as well as favourite counts. Furthermore, the built-in media option is able to make the photo be displayed at the center or front place. Note that this plugin requires WordPress 2.8 or higher.

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Best WordPress Twitter Plugins - Simple Twitter Plugin

Simple Twitter Tweets

Simple Twitter Tweets gives the ability to present your Tweets on the WordPress site by making use of API v1.1 and Twitter OAuth technology. Additionally, this plugin is easy to be set up without asking for any password. Besides, it is compatible with WordPress 3.9.1 version and can normally work even the website is over-capacity or disconnected to the system. Moreover, it gains overwhelming popularity from users all over the world.

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Best WordPress Twitter Plugins - Simple Twitter Tweets

Xhanch – My Twitter

As a leading WordPress Twitter plugin, Xhanch – My Twitter enables you to present the latest replies, retweets, direct messages, tweets, manual and auto tweet or more. Moreover, by using this plugin, you are capable of customizing the site with the flexible and predefined options and settings. In addition, you can post a tweet or status from the site and automatically tweet the newly released page or post. It has been downloaded over one million times.

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Best WordPress Twitter Plugins - Xhanch - My Twitter

WP Twitter

WP Twitter is a renowned WordPress Twitter plugin which can create one complete integration or link between the WordPress blog and the Twitter account by offering bountiful functionality. In details, this plugin enables you to post one tweet if you have already updated one post and created one new post on the WordPress blog site. In addition, WP Twitter gives support for multiple user languages, such as Brazilian, Spanish and English.

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Best WordPress Twitter Plugins - WP Twitter


As a user-friendly WordPress Twitter plugin, Twitter gains a wide range of acknowledgements from webmasters with high ratings on user reviews and high download times. Furthermore, this plugin allows you to add the button of Like and Follow to the current WordPress website. In addition, you are able to change the position of the button as you like and make use of one standard button.

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Best WordPress Twitter Plugins - Twitter


WordTwit can keep a close track of your newly published post and inform your followers through pushing out one tweet into twitter in your specified format. By making use of this plugin, you are capable of converting to URLs so as to save up space. In addition, WordTwit supports for multiple accounts of Twitter and allows for plenty of shorteners.

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Best WordPress Twitter Plugins - WordTwit

Twitter Stream

As a simple and popular WordPress Twitter plugin, Twitter Stream provides users with a users' timeline and consists of plenty of files caching which works to prohibit the overuse of API. Furthermore, this plugin has the ability to show the time when the tweet is posted and owns one permalink related to the tweet. In addition, Twitter Stream requests PHP5 scripting language and is designed for making use of the smallest resources as possible.

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Best WordPress Twitter Plugins - Twitter Stream

Great Twitter Widgets

In addition to these great plugins, you can also make use of some useful widgets to connect Twitter with your website easily.
  • Twitter Profile Widget - This is a Twitter related Drupal module that can be used to configure your Twitter profile. After installing it to your website, there is a block appeared in your website, with which you can decide the name of Twitter account, configure the user list, only display the favorited tweets, decide the widget design among load intervals, loop, and real-time, chose the text color and background color with the in-built color picker, and many more.
  • WP Twitter Feeds - This is another useful and popular WordPress widget for Twitter, helping you add all the latest updated tweets to the widget area of your website simply through a few clicks. With it, you no longer need to copy the coding stuff generated by Twitter and paste it to your webpage, newly-created text widget, or the theme file, but simply make some configurations from the settings of this widget. For instance, you can decide how long the Twitter can be cached, how many tweets can be fetched, whether to show the Twitter intents, whether to showcase the avatar images, and many more.
  • Random Tweet Widget - The above mentioned widgets can help you showcase your latest published tweets effectively and unceasingly, but if you want to display your old tweets on the website, then this widget can be a great option. Instead of showing the posts in chronological order, this widget simply displays your tweets randomly, meaning that you can get the chances to have your old words shared on your site.
  • Tweeps Map - This widget is created to analyze your Twitter followers and online reach on a geographical basis. It provides you with an interactive Google map with all the countries and cities around the world, helping you map and visualize your social contact with ease.