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WooCommerce VS OpenCart – Which Should Be Your Choice

updated on Dec 25, 2014
WooCommerce VS OpenCart – Which Should Be Your Choice There are hundreds of shopping cart options for building an eCommerce site, among which WooCommerce and OpenCart are 2 popular ones with thousands of fans. This comparison between them is made to make clear of what they are, what they offer, and which one you should choose for your business.

To make things easy-to-understand, we have mainly compared the ease of installation, eCommerce features and extensions. Learn about details in the following parts.

Prerequisites for Installation

WooCommerce is one of the best WordPress eCommerce plugins used by more than 10% of all eCommerce sites. It is free to use, but as it resides on WordPress, you need to download and install the required version of WordPress first before making use of this plugin. WooCommerce cannot run separately but is only available for integrating with WordPress sites.

OpenCart, on the other hand, is an independent open source shopping cart system. As one of the best eCommerce software in the market, it operates well as long as the server powering it meets the system requirements of the installed version. Usually, a server with PHP 5, MySQL 5 and Apache web server is good for OpenCart to run.

Ease of Installation

Ease of Installation As is mentioned above, WooCommerce relies on WordPress, so an installation of the CMS is a necessity. When a site is well-prepared, the plugin can be downloaded and installed directly through WordPress dashboard. Or you can go to, download WooCommerce plugin, and then upload the files to server. If there is any problem, follow the link to learn how to install WordPress plugins.

Installing OpenCart on your server is also quite simple. There are commonly 2 ways to get the job done – installing it manually, or using a 1-click script installer for a simplified process. The former way is a little bit more complex, but it gives you more possibilities of customization in the very beginning, while the latter is much more time-saving and better for beginners. Popular OpenCart installers are Softaculous and SimpleScripts.

eCommerce Features

Both of WooCommerce and OpenCart are designed with rich features which make it quite convenient to start and maintain an eCommerce site. They both allow creating an unlimited number of categories, adding unlimited products and selling digital goods. More information about their main features is as following.
eCommerce Features
  • Admin Panel. With WooCommerce, you are able to take advantage of the simplicity of the WordPress dashboard along with the editing and management tools. OpenCart, backed by a team of experts, offers a fully functional admin UI for the administration of everything.
  • Multi-Store & Multi-Language. Both of the 2 options support multiple languages, but WooCommerce does not come with the functionality of setting up multiple stores, which means that you need to have several WordPress installations if you are in need of separate online stores with WooCommerce. OpenCart does include this feature by default.
  • Payment Gateways. OpenCart has over 24 payment options in the default download which are much more than its competitor.
  • Shipping Methods. Both of them have a large number of shipping options including flat rate and free shipping. Moreover, additional methods can be added by installing extensions.
  • Reports. You can view everything about you WooCommerce store in the WordPress backend easily, and also, OpenCart provides detailed sales reports and product views in the admin panel.


WooCommerce is supported in most of WordPress eCommerce themes and a large number of other themes. There are both free and premium options available. As for the enhancement of functionality, WooCommerce comes with hundreds of extensions for payment, widgets, report, marketing, shipping, and more.

Extensions The appearance of OpenCart websites can be improved by the utilization of affordable and responsive OpenCart templates, and the features can be extended with the needed extensions. In the Extension Directory on the official site, there are more than 13,000 items developed for people who want to build a much more power eCommerce site.

Which One Should You Choose?

Both are professional, so the answer depends. If you currently run a WordPress site and want to set up a site to sell goods, WooCommerce is certainly a good option as it adds the ability of selling on your existing site for easier management. However, if you do not have high requirements on content management features or would like to manage several sites from one place, OpenCart is the right solution because it is more customizable.

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