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WooCommerce Review – What Are the Advantages It Brings to WordPress Sites

updated on Sep 14, 2014
WooCommerce Review – What Are the Advantages It Brings to WordPress Sites WooCommerce is an extendable and powerful eCommerce plugin that helps to transform WordPress website into one thoroughbred eCommerce store. It has the same eCommerce tools as some best eCommerce software prepared for people hosting online business.

But many people would get puzzled about why they need to use WooCommerce to host commercial activities online and what are the advantages of this WordPress plugin over other popular eCommerce software such as OpenCart, PrestaShop or osCommerce on earth. Thus, we figure out this in-depth review to answer the mentioned puzzlement so as to unveil the truth behind.

At the first place, according to our authentic and heart-and-soul investigations on this WordPress plugin, we find that it receives high rankings of stars from users with 4.1 out of 5 and it has been downloaded over 3 million times up till now. Back to our topic, we will continue to give an overall review on this plugin including features, installation and configuration, extensions, and customer service as follows.

Cost-Effective and Rich-Featured

Cost-Effective and Rich-Featured WooCommerce is an open-source platform which is free to download. It means that you don't need to pay any cost if there are no more extra needs to enhance your own website by using advanced features. Additionally, this plugin endows quite a few well-rounded product features for building your efficient and robust online store, and they are showed as follows.
  • Dashboard widgets which enable you to keep close eyes on many aspects of your own store from the WP dashboard page.
  • Various payment gateways including PayPal, SveaWebPay, First Data Merchant, and Alipay Cross-Border or more.
  • Tax settings & shipping, orders & customers, inventory & product.
  • Multiple types of reporting on customers, sales and stock.


Easy-to-Install As WooCommerce is one of the leading eCommerce plugins of WordPress, you can easily install and make use of it if you are already familiar with the WordPress CMS. In terms of installation, this plugin's operating platform is the same as other WP plugins and you can click the "plugins" and "add new" button in the admin area to search, install and finally activate it with little hassle. For activating, you just need to integrate WooCommerce pages including "cart," "checkout" and "my account" to your site.

Various Extensions

Moreover, there are a wide range of extensions involved in WooCommerce plugin and some of them are free but most of them charge you some fees. We select some of the noted extensions as follows.
  • Dynamic Pricing which provides you with a powerful system for creating different types of price adjustments and bulk discounts.
  • Per Products Shipping which makes your store admin be able to define the separate shipping cost for every product.
  • Table Rate Shipping which gives you some customizable shipping options.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use This software is user-friendly on many aspects. In terms of adding a new template, you can just select out one Woo theme which has been optimized for WooCommerce and just click "install" to finish the whole process. Of course you may need to select out short codes or widgets to add more functionalities. What's more, similar to the WordPress posts, this plugin's product pages can be easily categorized, tagged with various attributes.

In addition, on the dashboard the order status is colour coded with processing, pending, on-hold, and completed orders for quick search and reference. And under the "settings" section, you can find out tabs which are ranging from currency settings and general location to inventory, product options, and shipping. It may delight you a lot that this plugin can offer many shipping tools including options to send free packages, a calculator, local pickup, overseas delivery and local delivery.

Satisfying Customer Service

WooCommerce offers problem-related solutions in its FAQ section from its parent company WooThemes. What's more, there is a large quantity of guidance for how to set up and use the product in the documentation.

Satisfying Customer Service Alternatively, you can contact and communicate with other users in the WooCommerce community and you also can enter into the knowledge base to find out the solutions by yourself. By the way, many webmasters claim that they can always get helpful interactions with its support team members which fully shows that its support service is quite satisfying.


WooCommerce is indeed a well-rounded and easy to use WordPress eCommerce plugin with rich features and satisfying customer service endowed. It is truly a good choice but we also recommend you to choose a reliable and stable WordPress hosting to create a favourable environment for running your website with this plugin.