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How to Use WooCommerce Add-ons to Personalize Your E-Commerce Sites

updated on Nov 29, 2017
How to Use WooCommerce Add-ons to Personalize Your E-Commerce Sites Due to the large popularity of WooCommere, we have already made the WooCommerce review to help you learn this WordPress e-commerce solution and listed the steps of how to start the WordPress based e-commerce site using WooCommerce. Frankly speaking, this plugin is powerful and flexible enough so that you can start your online business easily and quickly. In addition, there are a lot of WooCommerce product add-ons to achieve some specific goals. This time, we are going to tell you how to use WooCommerce add-ons to personalize your e-commerce sites. Note that WooCommerce itself is free to use, but the add-on options are the premium tools that will charge you the money.

In fact, if you are shopping online for a long time from some popular platforms like Amazon, you may find that there platforms have invested a lot into the personalization and customization for the digital experiences. If you want to personalize your stores, the following tips and add-ons can help you a lot.

The Personalized Messaging System for Different Users

In fact, sending your customers the messages or newsletters is common. However, the most effective and personal way for you to connect with them, especially the regular or loyal customers, is to greet them by name.

This is a surprisingly effective method but is always ignored by most webmasters. As researched online, almost 78% of people are more likely to shop on a site when they are welcomed by name. So, how to achieve this using WooCommerce? Unfortunately, there is no WooCommerce product add-on option to help you achieve this. But searching online, we have found that you can use the following shortcode to welcome your registered users at any page you want.

    $current_user = wp_get_current_user();
     * @example Safe usage: $current_user = wp_get_current_user();
     * if ( !($current_user instanceof WP_User) )
     *     return;
    echo 'Welcome back, ' . $current_user->user_firstname . '<br />';

Here, if you enter the code into your functions.php file, the message just like the following can be showcased on all the pages when your registered users come back again.

Personal Welcome Message

But here, we highly recommend you to use the Code Snippet plugin to show the message on your targeted pages.

Code Snippet

Note that the personalized email message can be ensured by WooCommerce automatically.

The Personalized Product Recommendation

It is true that people can search and browse over your site to find their target products on their own. However, for the better purchasing experience, the product recommendation is also necessary. Especially, the personalized recommendation is really great, which can boost the conversion rate and revenue effectively.

Generally, there are three ways for you to better recommend something to your customers. Firstly, you can recommend based on your customers’ buying experiences and history. Or, you can recommend something similar or related to what your customers are looking at. Even, you can recommend some alternatives of their current targets.

Here, we highly recommend you to try the Recommendation Engine that is a special product add-on of WooCommerce.

Recommendation Engine

  • Price - $79 for the single site, $99 for 5 sites and $199 for 25 sites
  • Learn More & Buy

This add-on allows you to configure the product suggestion and recommendation for your customers based on the Amazon or Netflix style. It can showcase the recommendation automatically using the following methods.
  • Related products by view - This module will record the products viewed by customers and put them to display altogether.
  • Related items by buying history - This module will show the products that are purchased by people over the past course of time, so as to encourage them to buy again.
  • Products purchased together - This module can display some products that are purchased frequently during some time or on the same order.

Recommendation Engine

Even, this add-on allows you to display the widgets for recommended products or the purchased products.

To use it, you can finish the following steps.
  • Download and install it.
  • Enter the settings page to choose the type of recommendations to display.
  • Choose the position to show the recommendation.
  • Decide the number of times the product is printed as the recommendation.

The Personalized Selling Products

The common impression of WooCommerce is that it allows you to sell something online that is pre-made. In this case, in addition to some basic choosing freedom on colors or sizes, all of your customers just buy the same thing. But actually, you can sell the entirely personalized products to different people using some add-ons. For instance, if you sell the personal PC, customers can choose the product with their wanted specifications.

Product Add-Ons

  • Price - $49 for the single site, $79 for 5 sites and $149 for 25 sites
  • Learn More & Buy

This WooCommerce add-on tool allows you to add the additional product personalization options. In this case, your customers can customize their wanted items by adding some new options using the checkbox, dropdown and input box.

Note that the add-ons can be inserted for exclusive products or globally. If you just want to add the additionally personalized options for a particular product, you just need to edit that product in the admin and move to the Product Data section. Here, you can add multiple personalization options. These include the checkbox, radio button, select box, text area, file uploading, custom price input, price multiplier and custom input.

Product Add-Ons

However, if you want to achieve the personalization for some certain categories of products, you can use the global add-ons. For this, you should click the Products > Global Add-ons button to add the new one.

Global Add-ons

The Personalized Promotion and Discounts

The promotional campaigns, discounts and coupons are necessary for any e-commerce sites to retain and attract customers. Here, you can provide these benefits personalized based a specific item people have purchased, whether they are your regular customers or during some shopping days.

WooCommerce Points and Rewards

  • Price - $129 for the single site, $199 for 5 sites and $299 for 25 sites
  • Learn More & Buy

This add-on allows you to reward your customers for their actions on your site with points that are used to redeem for some discounts. After the installation, you can click the WooCommerce > Points & Rewards button for the settings page.

WooCommerce Points and Rewards

This add-on allows you to decide how many points people can earn for each dollar they have spent on your site, along with how many rewarding points can be redeemed for any discount. The detailed documentation can be found from this page.