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Wix VS WordPress – Which Is Better for Building a Website?

updated on Nov 15, 2014
Wix VS WordPress – Which Is Better for Building a Website? Wix and WordPress are both great website builders, each of which has its own pros and cons. Nevertheless, which is better for building a website? To make it clear, we have worked out a comprehensive comparison between them from several aspects, including price, flexibility, usability, and support. Learn the detailed information in below.


Wix offers 1 free package and 4 paid solutions that are named as Connect Domain, Combo, Unlimited, eCommerce and VIP, the regular price of is $4.08/mo, $8.25/mo, $12.42/mo, and $16.17/mo for annual plan, while the price of monthly plan is $5.95 /mo, $10.95/mo, $15.95/mo, and $19.90/mo. Besides, the Combo, Unlimited, eCommerce and VIP plans include a free domain name for 1 year and $125 to $250 advertising credits.

With WordPress which is free, you need to purchase your own hosting service that is about $7/mo and a custom domain which costs $10-$12 per year. In addition, you have to buy a theme since WordPress doesn't come with attractive free themes. It is important to note that an elegant WordPress theme is worth around $30 to $80. In addition, if you want to add more functionality to your website, you can install some free or paid plugins which are priced from $15 to $50 per plugin.


Wix is not an open source platform so that their codes are not available for people to modify, which means that only their private development team has the access to produce website building tools. However, they are expanding their application market. Therefore, users are able to add a lot more functions to a Wix website. Note that these applications are fully integrated. Hence, you don't have to worry about installation. Besides, the staffs in this company can help users to deal with technical issues.

Wix VS WordPress - FlexibilityAs for WordPress, it is an open source platform. Therefore, its codes are open to everyone to use and modify. In addition, any programmers are able to use this software to create their own themes or plugins for others to download or purchase for free, which makes the WordPress community has expanded to over 65 million websites since the end of 2011. Up to now, there are 30,134 WordPress plugins that have been downloaded more than 622 million time.

However, due to the quality of these tools could be good or junk, the fact that WordPress is so large may be a potential problem. Therefore, software users need to sift through a lot of plugins to see which ones are fantastic and suitable for their websites. From this standpoint, WordPress gives users tons of flexibility with tools. Nevertheless, when you are experiencing a technical issue, you are not allowed to contact anybody for help.


Wix is designed and built specially so that it is easy for non-developers to drag and drop paragraphs, images, slideshows, shopping cart buttons and much more directly into the website builder to start setting up your website. Note that the way you place these content in the website builder has an impact on the look of the site when it is published. Besides, with this application, you don't need to know how to code.

On the other hand, because of the flexibility, WordPress is not easy-to-use enough. With this CMS, if you know how to modify codes, you can do a lot of things to customize your websites that you can't do with Wix. If don't, you have to hire a skilled developer to do some customizations with this software, which may cost a lot. Moreover, you need to spend much time to look and test for the right plugin which also might cause conflicts with your website.


Wix has a professional support team to help users deal with the issues effectively. Besides, technicians and engineers have worked out a pile of in-depth articles and useful video tutorials with much information about how to build and manage a website smoothly. If you can't find the solution from these tutorials, you can post your problem in their support forums and wait for the support team to help. Additionally, if you subscribe to their VIP plan, you can get one-on-one VIP support and phone support.

Wix VS WordPress - SupportIn WordPress' forums, there are millions of helpful articles with sufficient information about installation, how-to, troubleshooting, plugins and hacks. In addition, there are also approximately 80 million reviews about the themes and plugins, enabling users' to find the superb and suitable ones to build their websites. For quick help, you can search the support forums to look for the answers related to your issues.

However, due to the enormous community of users and an overwhelming amount of tutorials to help you, it is a little challenge to make clear which articles are good. One solution is to hire a professional WordPress developer to help you set up, configure or modify your website.


From the 4 aspects we have reviewed above, we can learn that Wix owns fast startup time, lots of attractive themes and terrific help and support resources, and WordPress have the advantages of flexibility, affordable premium themes with all the bells and whistles. Therefore, both of the 2 applications are good. However, for most webmasters, the later should be the better choice due to the flexibility.

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