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Wix VS SquareSpace – Can They Both Meet Your Requirement on Site Building and Maintaining?

updated on Sep 14, 2014
Wix VS SquareSpace – Can They Both Meet Your Requirement on Site Building and Maintaining? In below, we would like to give an in-depth and all-rounded comparison between Wix and SquareSpace, both of which are noted site builders for webmasters getting their sites built up. Moreover, we make our objective comparison by our hands-on experience on starting a website with them, and aggregated pertinent customers' voices from numerous related sites.

First of all, we make out the following comprehensive editorial ratings on the two site creators from the crucial elements in site building and maintaining. Take a quick look at the listed information and get more needed information.

Pricing Policy
Customer Support
Customer Ratings

Reputation & Ease-of-Use

As a pretty and free-of-charge website creating tool and a leading cloud-based website development platform, Wix is widely used by millions of users all over the world since its first presence in 2006. Moreover, it claims that there are over 45,000 new people joining this project every day. Comparatively, being launched in 2004 and owing a professional team of 349 highly-trained and skilled employees, SquareSpace also has served for millions of websites worldwide and enjoys the same relatively high reputation as its competitor.

Wix VS SquareSpace - Reputation & Ease-of-Use In terms of the easiness, Wix has its own advantage over its competitor on making use of a well-organized and user-friendly user interface where everything is displayed in a comprehensible and easy-to-navigate way. However, only SquareSpace includes drag-and-drop and pure WYSIWYG editor tools with one preview page that can be changed by its built-in "Edit" button. In a word, Wix owns more unsophisticated and easy-to-use administrative panel and its competitor bestows users with much simpler editor tools.


Although owning over 280 beautiful and gorgeous templates for users to choose from, Wix doesn't allow its users to change their disliked current template without rebuilding the website content, which is admitted as one of the biggest defects of this website-building tool. In comparison, SquareSpace is much more flexible than its competitor by giving webmasters the ability to transfer the existing content into one new template, which can be automatically completed in the offered control panel.

What's more, only SquareSpace provides users with responsive templates, which means that the design and layout of your website can look fantastic and great no matter on mobile phone, desktop and tablet devices. Comparatively, Wix doesn't have responsive templates with only offering a mobile interface editor with which you are allowed to take a preview of your website's appearance on the mobile phones. In this regard, Wix is not as flexible as its competitor with requiring repeated changes on its mobile interface editor.


Wix VS SquareSpace - Pricing In term of the pricing policy, Wix offers four differentiated plans for webmasters naming as eCommerce, Unlimited, Combo and Connect domain plans with unlimited pages and top-grade hosting included. In details, the charged prices of those plans are now $19.90/mo, $15.95/mo, $10.95/mo and $5.95/mo in sequence. Besides, people who are planning to buy its service for at least one year can get cut the mentioned prices down to $16.17/mo, $12.42/mo, $8.25/mo and $4.08/mo respectively.

Comparatively speaking, SquareSpace releases three more rich-featured plans naming after Personal, Professional, Business plans with correspondently charging for $8/mo, $16/mo and $24/mo. Note that the mentioned plans will charge you for $10/mo, $20/mo and $30/mo if you are paying month-to-month. It is obvious that SquareSpace is not as affordable as its competitor especially for people having a small budget.


In terms of the endowed features, both of the two site builders offer bountiful and rich features for users to choose from and we select out some of the most-outstanding features of Wix and SquareSpace as follows.
  • Wix Features – beautiful site design, drag-and-drop website editor, HTML embed code, image editor, page protection, customizable look, multiple payment methods, easy-to-add blog, tagging system, website scheduler, email marketing and SEO wizard.
  • SquareSpace – free Google fonts, custom CSS, image SEO, responsive image loader, gallery blocks, CDN service, smart 3rd party service support, custom WYSIWYG editor, custom code, multiple contributors, podcast support and content ownership.

Whereas, only the latter contains one free custom domain, which means that webmasters are able to build their favorite websites with their unique domain names rather than a subdomain of

Customer Support

Wix VS SquareSpace - Customer Support As the customer support is the highest concern especially for beginners when they are trying to start building their websites, we would like to introduce the support from the two creators. On the one hand, Wix allows webmasters to contact their technical representatives and professional developers through 24x7-based email and live phone call contact way with related directive tutorials and guides in knowledge base and forums.

On the other hand, SquareSpace also supports for helpful contact way of email and prepares relevant solutions in its forums, knowledgebase and workshops. But the biggest difference existing between them is that only SquareSpace offers the convenient and effective 11 am-7 pm live chat support way.


From what we have discussed about Wix and SquareSpace, the former is a favorable option for people hosting small sites with limited budget as it has more affordable price. In the meantime, the latter is fit for people having big sites and large page reviews as it has more useful features, flexible templates and designs as well as convenient live chat support.