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WinHost VS DiscountASP.NET on the Quality of Windows Hosting

updated on Mar 04, 2016
WinHost VS DiscountASP.NET on the Quality of Windows Hosting Both WinHost and DiscountASP.NET are noted and excellent web hosts of ASP.NET hosting and they are both acknowledged as two of the best Windows hosting providers on the market. Besides, they are quite experienced in offering high-quality hosting service for webmasters for a couple of years and they are trusted by a rising number of people worldwide.

But many people put forward the question that what the difference that exists between WinHost and DiscountASP.NET is. To figure it out is not an easy job for most of the people, thus we make out this comprehensive but easy-to-understand comparison between the two companies from the aspects of editorial rating, price, features, control panel, speed and uptime.

About WinHost and DiscountASP.NET

Established in 2009, WinHost is an experienced hosting provider that focuses on Windows hosting only. Aiming at offering reliable yet affordable Windows hosting solutions to all types of users, the company has been adopting new technologies continuously. Also, WinHost hosts all websites on their own servers purchased from Dell to guarantee the performance.

DiscountASP.NET, a web host with 13 years' experience in Windows hosting, has also been dedicated to offering reliable Windows hosting services to webmasters and developers. The company uses two data centers in the US and Europe respectively. Besides, it has been a Microsoft partner for years, and it is a Microsoft certified Gold Hosting Provider.

Editorial Rating – Both Are Satisfying

First of all, let's have an overall review on the two company's hosting service which is on the basis of our long time hosting experience and effortless investigations on no less than 100 hosting providers. Read the details as follows and know more about the information about the two companies.

Loading Speed
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Price – WinHost Wins

WinHost VS DiscountASP.NET - Price As a reliable and affordable windows hosting provider which offers shared hosting service only, WinHost is a typical Microsoft-based web host devoting to providing satisfying Windows/ASP.NET hosting service. In details, this company supplies webmasters with 3 differentiated ASP.NET hosting packages which are named as Basic, Max and Ultimate and the Basic hosting plan is admitted as the most ideal one compared with other two packages.

In terms of the price of the Basic hosting plan, it charges only $3.95/mo which is quite affordable when compared with the list price of $4.95/mo and this sale price is still available for visitors paying a visit to the promotional link below. In addition, WinHost claims to give 30-day money back guarantee for users who are not content with any aspect of its hosting service, which is really considerate.

WinHost Promotional Link Activation

Comparatively, as the Microsoft Gold hosting partner and professional Windows hosting company on the market, DiscountASP.NET is regarded as the most outstanding ASP.NET hosting provider by a wide range of people. It is also focusing on delivering high-quality shared hosting service with offering one shared hosting plan which starts at $10/mo.

Besides, this company now offers 50% discount with which customer can get the effective price of $5/mo by paying a visit to the promotional link as follows. This company also supplies its users with 30-day money back guarantee to ensure the safety of purchase. But by comparison, we can easily find that the shared hosting plans offered by WinHost are more alternative and affordable than DiscountedASP.NET.

DiscountASP.NET Promotional Link Activation

Features – Both Are Rich-Featured

Both WinHost and DiscountASP.NET supply a large quantity of useful and various hosting features for webmasters, and we make out the following table to further clarify the differences and similarities exist between them.

Plan in ComparisonWinHost Basic PlanDiscountASP.NET Plan
Website Disk Space3GB1000MB
Monthly Data Transfer50GB80GB
Email Storage250MB500MB
Email Boxes250500
Email Forwarding
Full Trust
FTP Users
FTP over SSL
ASP.NET 4.0 HostingWindows 2008Windows 2008
ASP.NET 4.5.1 HostingWindows 2012Windows 2012
ASP.NET 3.5, ASP.NET 2.0
24/7 Technical Support
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Control Panel – WinHost Wins

WinHost VS DiscountASP.NET - Control Panel WinHost adopts a visual and well-designed control panel which comes with plenty of functions including payment history, domain pointer manager, domain name server manager and so on. Besides, this control panel is much cheaper than other Windows panels and has bountiful application installers such as WordPrss and Joomla.

Speaking to the control panel of DiscountASP.NET, it is not as powerful as that of WinHost and is lack of the file manager function. It means that webmasters have to find other places to look for their management applications and then install the management application by themselves.

Speed & Uptime – DiscountASP.NET Wins

WinHost makes a promise to its users to offer much faster hosting speed than other big hosting companies by making use of many cutting-edge infrastructures like RAID 10 disk array and dell dual quad core servers in the data center. In addition, this company also claims to provide no less than 99.9% uptime guarantee by keeping close 24x7 monitoring on servers and using UPS battery backup power.

By comparison, DiscountASP.NET claims to supplies at least 99.9% uptime and outstanding hosting speed beyond imagination with generator backup and 24x7 network monitoring. In fact, DiscountASP.NET keeps trace with its fulfilment by surpassing the average speed of WinHost.

Technical Support – Both Are Professional

As two experts in Windows hosting, both of WinHost and DiscountASP.NET offer 24x7 technical support. Their customers can submit a support ticket easily within the support portal when they have problems in hosting and then wait for a reply. Usually, tickets are responded within 4 hours and solutions are promised within 24 hours.

Besides, customers are able to post their issues in the forums maintained by the two web hosts. They can expect professional answers from both experienced users and the hosting providers' support representatives. Using the forums is a good suggestion for issues that are not urgent.

In addition, both web hosts offer a knowledgebase which includes hundreds of written tutorials about commonly seen issues like mail configuration, DNS, control panel, etc. Beginners can learn many basic skills there.

In terms of the technical support, the only difference between WinHost and DiscountASP.NET is that the former is now trying to offer support through live chat. It is believed that the live chat support is still in a test status and we cannot know whether it will become a fixed support method. However, live chat is indeed helpful for resolving simple issues quickly.

Conclusion – Both Are High-Quality

According our comparison between WinHost and DiscountASP.NET, we can reach the conclusion that on the one hand WinHost offers affordable hosting price and user-friendly control panel, and on the other hand DiscountASP.NET supplies outstanding speed and rich hosting features. Thus, they are both equal on the Windows hosting quality.