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Why Data Backups Are Important?

updated on Jan 06, 2015
Why Data Backups Are Important? Backups have 2 distinct purposes that are to recover data after its loss caused by data deletion or corruption and to recover data from an earlier time. Therefore, they are very important. In below, we have worked out a comprehensive article to explain why backups are important from several aspects in detail.

Faithfully accumulating our photos, the ceaseless emails, and crucial working files, computers have already filled our life and work, and the biggest threat caused by the damage of which is the loss or corruption of data. However, unless you back it up or you will lose all the important things stored in your computer.

Backups Protect You from Hard Drive Failure

Data files are the most important files you have on your computer, including email messages you send, the documents you write, the financial records you keep, your digital photos and music files. Therefore, when your hard drive fails, you will lose all of these important data files, which can be a big disaster for you and cost you a lot of money to recover the data. However, a good backup is able to save you from this kind of trouble and also save you a lot of money.

Backups Keep You from Viruses

Why Data Backups Are ImportantSome computer viruses can completely corrupt your data, and some viruses may bog your machine down badly, which can make you unable to login any more. If you ask technicians to help you repair your computer that is seriously damaged by a virus, you will be informed to wipe the drive clean and reinstall everything, which will cost you a lot of time and make you lose all of your important files. In these extremely terrible cases, backups can be your life-saver.

Protect You from Natural Disasters

In nowadays, there are a lot of natural disasters happening around the world, so more and more people buy insurance for their houses and businesses. You can regard your backups as data insurance, which can reduce your loss after your computer being damaged by natural disasters. All you have to do is to set up a new computer and restore your backups.

Protect You from Theft

In these days, thieves are more likely to steal high-tech items, such as your mobile phone, laptop or home computer, all of these items are in high demand and can be sold quickly and easily. In addition, your laptop and computer can be stolen easily in different places, even in your locked car, house or office. If you have backups, you won't lose your precious things, including wedding pictures, honeymoon photos, email messages and files related to your work and life, because it is very simple for you to restore your files to a new laptop or computer.

Protect You from Accidental Deletion

Why Data Backups Are ImportantEvery computer owns a delete key, with which your important files can be disappeared forever. Sometimes, your children may delete some of your files from your home computer to gain enough room to install the latest games they love. Moreover, you may delete important things from your personal laptop incidentally. In these unexpected cases, backups are able to help you save and organize the really important things like tax filling, contracts, and valuable video and photo files. In this way, you don't need to worry about that something might make your data disappear.

How to Backup WordPress Using cPanel

We would discuss the steps needed to back up a WordPress website in cPanel control panel manually and details are displayed as follows. Besides, it needs to point out that there is also a multitude of WordPress backup plugins available for users to make an automatic backup of the database and website files. Additionally, the manual backup of the WordPress website itself is not so difficult even for beginners who are not equipped with related professional knowledge and many WordPress hosting providers are also ready to lend the helpful hands at any time.

Make a Back Up of the Database
First of all, we would like to give a brief introduction on how to make a backup of the database. Because the WordPress database stores each of comment and link as well as post on the blog site, the database is in desperate need of a backup so as to keep the safety and completeness of the content in it. Besides, the easy-to-manage cPanel makes it easy to make a backup of a database with well-designed and user-friendly user interface.

To be specific, you are required to log into your cPanel user interface firstly and then enter the Files section to select out the icon of Backups which lies at the head of the column. Having done the mentioned step, you should click on the Backups button in order to enter another page on which you are able to see two alternative choices available which include Full Backup and Partial Backups.

How to Backup WordPress - Make a Back Up of the Database

Till this step, we highly recommend you not to choose the Full Backup option as the requirement of the full backup is quite strict and any change in it cannot be restored in cPanel. Thus, you should go into the Partial Backups section and find out the option of Download a MySQL Database Backup. Next, you are requested to give a click on the database name in the checkbox, such as userna5_wordpress.

How to Backup WordPress - Make a Back Up of the Database

Having done this step, you need to go into the folder where the web browser will download the backup of your database to and you can finally get one unzipped .sql.gz file, such as userna5_wordpress.sql.gz.

How to Backup WordPress - Make a Back Up of the Database

Till this step, you have actually finished the backup of the database as you have already made a copy of the database on the local computer and in this way you are also able to restore the database if something is deleted or goes wrong accidently. Note that you are capable of backing up the database by using phpMyAdmin or MySQL commands as you like.

Make a Back Up of Website Files
As is mentioned above, the database includes the post and comment of the blog site, but it doesn't include the elements which are stored in the website files and work together to generate the information and outlook of the site. Thus, the back-up of the WordPress website also requires the back-up of the website files.

In details, you are required to log into cPanel firstly and after that you also need to find out the icon of the Backups in the Files section on the user interface. Then, give a click on the button of Backups and enter a new back-up page where you are able to see the option of Download a Home Directory Backup in the Partial Backups column.

How to Backup WordPress - Make a Back Up of Website Files

Then, click on the button of Home Directory and enter the folder in which the web browser will download the backup of the website files to. Finally, you are able to get a .tar.gz file, such as Till this step, you have already completed the whole back up of the website files through downloading the partial home directory backup into your cPanel.

How to Backup WordPress - Make a Back Up of Website Files

Note that you can make a backup of your website files by copying your files to a folder on the desktop through making use of UNIX Shell Skills or FTP clients. On the other hand, if your web host gives support for the backup software, you can also use the backup software to make a backup of the site' files.