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Why Choose BlueHost for Hosting WordPress Websites?

updated on Nov 15, 2016
Why Choose BlueHost for Hosting WordPress Websites? BlueHost has claimed itself to be an expert in WordPress hosting, and at this time of writing, the company is hosting over 850,000 WordPress sites. Why is BlueHost chosen by so many WordPress users? And is it really powerful and easy-to-use enough to meet all the needs of a high quality WordPress site?

In this review, therefore, we have answered these questions based on our personal WordPress hosting experience and hundreds of WordPress users' feedbacks to the service received from BlueHost. We believe that the popularity of BlueHost among WordPress users mainly because of its affordable price, quick WordPress installation, easy management, outstanding reliability, and some other facts.

High Customer Satisfaction

BlueHost has a long history in the web hosting industry which makes it experienced enough to know what customers really need. Over the years, the company has maintained a good reputation worldwide. Once there was a common complaint that BlueHost had no upgradable hosting services like VPS and dedicated servers, but the company has resolved this problem by launching both VPS hosting and dedicated hosting earlier this year.

So far, we have received 1077 verified BlueHost customer reviews with ratings on the overall service, control panel, performance, and support. And according to the statistics, BlueHost enjoys 99.2% satisfaction rate, which is not commonly seen in web hosting field.

Affordable WordPress Hosting Price

Price is always one of the top concerns for most WordPress users, especially those running a small personal blog. While most web hosts price their shared web hosting packages more than $5/mo, BlueHost offers its feature-rich WordPress hosting packages at a price starting from only $2.95/mo for visitors going through the exclusive promotional link below.

Available at this affordable price, the package still includes a lot of beneficial extras including:
  • 1 free domain name.
  • $100 Google advertising credits & $50 Facebook ads credits.
  • Anytime money back guarantee.
BlueHost Promotional Link Activation

Quick WordPress Installation

One of the easiest things of hosting WordPress websites on BlueHost is the quick WordPress installation with SimpleScripts, a 1-click script installer developed by BlueHost to assist customers in installing open source software.

The 1-click installation tool is integrated with the control panel, so BlueHost customers only need to log into the control panel, find the icon that says "SimpleScripts", and then follow the few steps to install WordPress. No manual downloading, uploading or configuration is required.

Easy Account Management

BlueHost Easy Account Management BlueHost utilizes cPanel, the most popular and user-friendly control panel, to help WordPress users get full control over every aspect of their hosting accounts. The graphic interface is clear and well-categorized, so the users can easily manage website files, email, website statistics, domains, databases, security, software, and some other advanced issues like network tools, error pages and MIME types.

Besides, in the left sidebar of the interface, there are detailed statistics about the hosting account and the websites hosted, such as CPU usage, virtual memory usage, disk space usage, monthly bandwidth transfer, main domain, subdomain, PHP version, MySQL version, kernel version, and much more. cPanel just gets all things that users need at hand.

Outstanding Reliability & Performance

Good uptime and speed are what keep websites visible and accessible to visitors. If a WordPress site is extremely slow or even down frequently, then everything else is in vain because no one likes it, including search engines.

BlueHost has done a lot of work in ensuring optimal uptime and speed for all the hosted websites. To fulfill the commitment of 99.9% uptime, the company has built 3 world-class data centers, all of which are equipped with high performance servers, UPS power backup, a diesel generator and cutting-edge technologies like I/O segregation. According to our monitoring in the past 6 months, BlueHost uptime averages 99.97%.

Due to the superior facilities, technologies, multiple 10 gigabits Ethernet connections, and 24x7 network monitoring taken by a dedicated team of technicians, BlueHost is able to keep WordPress sites running fast at all times. Our monitoring statistics show that the server response of BlueHost is as quick as 320ms, much better than the average figure of the industry.

Responsive Technical Support

BlueHost offers all customers with 24x7 Utah based technical support powered by a professional support team with WordPress knowledge. The support representatives are reachable via email, the live chat button, and the toll-free phone number 1888-401-4678.

What's special for WordPress users is that the average ticket response time, which is usually more than 5 hours for most web hosts, is guaranteed to be 15 minutes, which means that a detailed written solution can be sent back within 15 minutes after a support ticket is submitted. For support requests via phone or live chat, the waiting time averages less than 30 seconds.


As a recommended web host, BlueHost has proved its excellence in WordPress hosting with the large number of advantages WordPress users can enjoy there. The company is also on our recommendation list, as well as those of most other web hosting review sites.

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