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What Is White Hat SEO? The Best White Hat SEO Techniques

updated on Feb 07, 2018
What Is White Hat SEO? The Best White Hat SEO Techniques Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has certain guidelines that are developed by leading search engines and is implemented on all existing websites. The websites that execute activities by following these guidelines for ranking high in the search engine results page are said to be practicing White Hat SEO. There are several techniques to practice White Hat SEO. But before knowing these techniques, it’s imperative to have a clear idea as to what is White Hat SEO.

What is White Hat SEO?

This is a type of optimization where the techniques approved by search engines are used by the website. As an opposite to Black Hat SEO, it is the tactics that improve a website’s position in the search engines results page by staying within the limits set by Google. When a website follows the White Hat SEO guidelines, its position gradually increases in the search engines. It is followed by all genuine websites that aim to exist for long periods because it is approved by Google, and its results are progressive in nature.

What are the Best Techniques?

There are several techniques about this that are immensely effective. As the techniques are easy to understand and follow after knowing what is White Hat SEO, here are the best-related techniques.


With the development of modern technology, mobile has been an important part of our daily life. It cannot imagine if we live without mobile devices. Search engines, like Google and Bing, also value mobile visitors much. There is no possibility for your website to tank highly when your website content cannot be accessible to mobile users smoothly. At the same time, you are able to get a higher conversion rate through the purchases from mobile users. A good user experience means a lot to each website. So mobile-friendliness comes first during the process to learn White Hat SEO techniques. It is related to the theme, plugins, web design, and more you use for your website. So be careful not to make a decision without a careful consideration.

Below is a notice of Google on mobile-friendliness:

"pages where content is not easily accessible to a user on the transition from the mobile search results may not rank as highly."

Quality Content Creation

Quality Content Creation Content is regarded as the backbone of every website. Quality content is an asset of a website because it provides a proper base for optimization. This technique attracts thousands of visitors to go through the content and promote it on their social media. Apart from it, quality content creation is appreciated by webmasters as well as search engines.

As every website like to exchange links with a solid resource of promotion, webmasters choose such websites whose content relates to their niche. As a result, the quality content creation results in overall development and optimization of the website. If there is any problem on content creation, check the post taking about how to write an SEO optimized blog post.

Guest Blogging

It is not always important to promote a website on various media to gain attention. One of the most effective ways of this that has developed in recent days is guest blogging. It is a method of driving traffic by posting content to another website that shares the same niche and interacts with its visitors. Publishing content related to the subject in these sites is very effective because the members of that site get to know about the host site and might get interested to explore it.

Site Optimization

Site Optimization Search engines check every factor of a website at the time of optimizing it. From the content to design, everything is verified by search engines in order to make sure that the website is genuine. Hence, it is imperative to build a site technically perfect by providing proper meta descriptions, solid titles and subject-oriented keywords. When it comes to content, the topics and subject matter should be related to the niche of the website because individuals like to visit websites that are fairly organized.

Link Building

It is one of the most tactical parts of this technique. Although it is highly productive, not many webmasters succeed in executing this procedure as excessive, or improper exchanging of links is not permitted by Google. Effective link building involves getting quality backlinks from websites whose content is related to your website’s niche. Not only this, the website should also have the ability to drive traffic through genuine methods; otherwise the aim of link exchanging cannot be achieved.

Promotion in Social Media

Social media has become an efficient platform for the promotion of brands and products. As every social networking site is used by millions of individuals, promoting a website in social media makes people aware of its presence and brings in more traffic to the website. Driving increased amount of genuine traffic to a website is an effective way of SEO without going beyond the existing guidelines.