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What is SOPA and How it Affects Internet

updated on Sep 14, 2014
What is SOPA and How it Affects Internet SOPA, the full name is Stop Online Privacy Act, extending the ability of USA law and copyright owners to beat online trade in copyrighted property and imitation over the Internet. SOPA offers immunity online that can take actions to the websites for the violation voluntarily, while making the Internet be controlled and limited. SOPA is seriously concerned by most of internet companies as they think it’s risky for the innovation and job creation of the industry.

SOPA allows anyone to hire U.S. attorney to accuse any websites on violating the copyright or having inauthentic information, to result in the internet providers turn off the targeting website virtually by banning the IP address or domain name. It’s kind of an Internet death penalty. Generally, it’s acquainted to Chinese Internet users, all Google+, Facebook, Twitter and a large number of international websites are blocked by the firewall of the government there. SOPA may not be serious as the Chinese firewall but it throttles the innovation absolutely. Besides, it’s easy to be abused. The large companies have more money and influence in the industry that SOPA is easier for them to penalize the small competitors. As a result, SOPA may become a bill designed for protecting the vested interest groups.

You can imagine that, Twitter may get into troubles because someone posts the disclosure; YouTube may get into troubles because someone uploads the video unauthorized; may get into troubles that it’s experienced to disclose the secret of U.S. and European government. Well, BestHostingSearch may also get into troubles because we may be retaliated by web hosting companies as we’re revealing the secret of them.

Who are Opponents?

  • Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, eBay, Zynga, Mozilla claimed to oppose the bill and they wrote a letter together to the key members of the US Senate and House of Representatives Nov 15.
  • Yahoo has quit the U.S. Chamber of Commerce because it’s enthusiastic to support SOPA.
  • European Parliament stresses that “it’s required to protect the integrity of the global Internet and the freedom of community by refraining from unilateral measures to revoke IP addresses or domain names”.

Who are Supporters?

The Recording Industry Association of America, MPAA and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are most three supporters to the bill. This is why Yahoo quite the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.