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What Is SiteLock & How Does It Secure Your Website

updated on Jan 08, 2015
What Is SiteLock & How Does It Secure Your Website Today, we would like to share you with SiteLock which is one of the robust secure measures for online business. As is known that online business becomes more and more prosperous gradually, the online business security becomes a heated issue among people.

Under this circumstance, we recommend to get your own website well-protected by using the excellent choice - SiteLock by giving an in-depth explanation to what it is and how it secures your website on earth. More details are showed as follows.

What is SiteLock

SiteLock is a website security system which works to prevent websites from many kinds of security problems and helps to show customers that sites are safe and trustworthy. Besides, it claims to have protected over 1,000,000 online businesses all over the world, which means that it is the same widely-used as other popular website security solutions such as SSH, SFTP and FTPS. What's more, SiteLock can give automatic scan on your website to check the malware so as to make your website not being spammed or blocked.

What Is SiteLock In addition, this system can increase conversion rates by offering the SiteLock certificate for your website and it brings you with trust and credibility from the customers' eyes. Furthermore, it offers four powerful commercial packages for you to choose and they are named after Starter, Speed, Site, and Store respectively. Those four differentiated packages have different charges and features in store as follows.
  • Secure Starter - charges for $29/mo with daily malware scans, basic website acceleration and mass attack prevention included.
  • Secure Speed - charges for $49/mo with automatic malware removal, SSL sites and advanced website acceleration included.
  • Secure Site - charges for $79/mo with daily vulnerability scans, premium-grade WAF and targeted attack prevention included.
  • Secure Store - charges for $139/mo with PCI certification of WAF, PCI scanning and fast PCI SAQ included.

How Does It Secure Your Website

SiteLock can build a solid shield for you to protect the website from malicious attacks or viruses by adopting multiple user-friendly tools or technologies. Likewise, we list some of the functionalities of SiteLock so as to make you be aware of how it works to secure your website.

Malware Scanning

Malware Scanning The built-in Malware scanning is able to take close monitoring on all files or applications on your website and then compares them against the industry standards in order to detect whether there is any malware inserted in the website code. If any malware or virus is found by the scan, you will be notified by the SiteLock's email. Furthermore, there is a list of infected pages available on the dashboard and the Expert Services team is always standing-by for you.

True Shield WAF

The True Shield WAF (web application firewall) technology is helpful on protecting your site away from malicious traffic and blocking the harmful requests from hackers or bots. Besides, you are able to secure your website from targeted attacks with five minutes set-up and to wipe out all the OWAP's top ten threats with an easy DNS change. In this way, True Shield WAF can ease your mind by removing scrapers and spammers from your own site.

SiteLock SMART

SiteLock SMART(Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool) gives support for having a comprehensive look at the website's surface from outside-in and the files on the back-end from inside-out so as to find out hidden malware. In case that any malware is detected, this tool will delete it so quick, preventing your website from becoming black-listed or suffering from downtime.

True Speed CDN & Trust Seal

True Speed CDN & Trust Seal As an attached feature of the True Shield firewall, the True Speed CDN (content delivery network) service makes you capable of supplying the most secure and fastest online business experience for customers by working together with the mentioned True Shield technology.
The trust seal offered by SiteLock is a small and secure graphic which is located on the website and it is used to inform your visitors that the website is a safe enough place to visit or shop. Additionally, this tool makes your customers believe that your website is also verified by automatically update and daily malware scan. In addition, this tool has multiple sizes and languages for you to choose.

PCI Compliance

At first, the PCI is a security requirement which is created by the credit card brands and it aims to ensure the safety of all companies who are using credit cards. Back to our topic, SiteLock provides an easy-to-control online SAQ in the dashboard and helps generating the necessary and required documentation for PCI compliance. What's more, you are able to get your website scanned for any risky threat and make your credit card information or sensitive customer protected. Last but not least, the mentioned True Shield web application is PCI-complaint and can make your website meet the PCI requirement 6.6.

Recommended Web Hosts with SiteLock

According to our research and comparison, the web hosts include SiteLock for free. They all have engaged in the industry for over 10 years, and have been well-known for the hosting reliability and security.