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What Is Database? How to Create One in cPanel

updated on Sep 14, 2014
What Is Database? How to Create One in cPanel As numerous webmasters frequently put forward the question about what is database and how to create it in the cPanel control panel, we figure out this authentic and easy-to-understand tutorial to answer and give a detailed explanation for the mentioned question.

What Is A Database?

At the first place, we'd like to explain to you about what is a database. In a word, a database is a well-organized collection of data or information. In this way, the database can be easily managed, accessed or updated, and the computer program can select out the wanted data quickly. To be specific, the traditional databases are usually organized according to files and records.

Besides, the data or information stored in the database can be in many kinds of formats, such as electronic, graphic, printed, statistical, or audio format. And you can get access to the data from one database by using a database management system (DBMS) and further enter, select and organize the data saved in the database. Moreover, a typical DBMS is a software system that allows the creation, definition, update, querying and administration of databases.

What Is A Database To sum up, the well-known DBMSs consist of MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and Oracle or more. In addition, the SQL (Structured Query Language) is one standard language which is used to update a database and make queries. It means that you can get access to your database by using one of the database management systems such as MySQL.

What is cPanel?

Nowadays, there are many noted web hosts offering cPanel as their control panel, you probably more or less hear about it somewhere. Actually, as one of the leading web hosting control panels, cPanel is an easy-to-control Linux-based web hosting control panel which offers a clean interface and many automation tools to users so as to provide convenience for hosting their websites.

In details, you can not only enter the MySQL database to create the username and password used for database on the administrative menu list by yourself, but also you can manage or take a whole control on MySQL database by using the phpMyAdmin which is just also available on the admin menu.

How to Create One Database in cPanel?

How to Create One Database in cPanel Having discussed what is a database and the cPanel above, we would like to share with you that how to create one database in your own cPanel. Frankly speaking, you don't need to worry about it because it is quite simple and easy for everyone.

Now, let's take adding a MySQL database in cPanel as example. You can have a look at the detailed steps as follows and may you can get it finished by yourself.
  1. Firstly, login into your cPanel account by using your own username and password. In case you don't remember your username and password, you can get contact with the web hosting provider.
  2. Select out the MySQL database on the menu list after you have logged into your control panel.
  3. Click "MySQL Database" button and fill in the username and password you want to make use of. Having done those steps, you need to click "Add User" button.
  4. Keep in mind that you also need to give the user permission to get access to the database when you have created your MySQL database and user. To finish it, you need to select the username and database you have created from the drop down option. Then, click the "Add User to DB" button after you have checked that all the checkbox are selected.
  5. Don't forget to create the MySQL server hostname lastly. Then the username and database you have created can be prepared with the login name of your cPanel.