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What Is Conversion Rate? How to Increase It in eCommerce Effectively?

updated on Sep 14, 2014
What Is Conversion Rate? How to Increase It in eCommerce Effectively? A large number of webmasters are unfamiliar with conversion rate or even don't know what conversion rate is. On Internet marketing, conversion rate refers to the proportion of website visitors and customers. Generally, the higher conversion rate is, the stronger the websites' profitability is. Besides, if the conversion rate becomes higher, more and more new customers the sites will attract.

What's more, it is possible to increase profit even though the traffic remains the same. From the information above, it can be concluded that conversion rate is a crucial element of the success of an eCommerce website.

How to Increase Conversion Rate Effectively?

According to our survey, a website with only 30 visits per day even can profit at least $4,000 each month. This is because among the 30 visitors, at least 2 visitors have purchased their products. Therefore, it is important to not only attract more people to visit your website but also make them stay longer with your site and turn them into customers, which means you need to increase your site conversion rate effectively to make more money.

In the following parts, we have listed several methods for increasing conversion rate to earn more than before. Learn details now.

Improve Site Speed

Improve Site SpeedHosting speed is extremely important for eCommerce websites. If a visitor thinks the server response time of your site is too long, he/she may never come back to your site again. Therefore, you need to do some things to improve your site speed. One of the easiest ways is to choose a trustworthy web host offering very fast hosting speed to host your site, such as InMotion, BlueHost, and much more. In addition, web hosts offering SSD hosting service is equal worth going.

Make Your Site Elegant

According to our survey, most visitors prefer to stay longer at the site with elegant design. No matter the site is small-sized or huge, if it looks in a mess, visitors will leave it without any hesitation, let alone buy products. Thus, you need to make your site distinctive and beautiful. In this case, most site owners would like to purchase a well-designed eCommerce theme from the reputed theme providers like Mojo Themes, Elegant Themes, etc.

Moreover, you need to improve the overall image of your site by beautifying your site, professionalizing it and adding enough content at your site. If your site is built with PrestaShop and you are looking for a quality eCommerce theme for your site, this article is worth your time. There are also many beautiful themes for the eCommerce sites built with Magento and OpenCart.

Simplify the Purchase Process

Simplify the Purchase ProcessIf you want visitors to buy your paid services online, you need to simplify the process of purchase. First, you should establish a convenient channel for them so that they are able to get all the information they need within the shortest amount of time. Besides, it is important to build a concise navigation and offer related and subsequent operation procedures to help visitors find their desired goods and services easily.

Enhance the Site's Credibility

Many people have spent much time inquiring the information about products online but don't place an order because they doubt that the site they are visiting is not formal. Besides, they also worry there are some differences between the products displayed online and those they really want. Therefore, you should add some information about your business and put some pictures of your company at your site to help visitors know more about you and feel free to make an order.

In addition, you should reply visitors who have questions as soon as you receive notification. Note that people who have doubt will never become a customer. Then, the sooner you reply them and remove their doubts, the more likely they buy your products and services.

Stable Old Customers & Develop New Customers

As an eCommerce site owner, you must adopt different strategies to make your existing customers come back to your site and attract new visitors. Thus, you need to come up with some creative ideas, such as offering some free samples and vouchers. Moreover, it is also a good way to provide discount on holidays. In this way, more and more visitors would like to spend their money buying the products and services at your site.