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What Is Black Hat SEO? The Pros and Cons You Must Know

updated on Feb 04, 2018
What Is Black Hat SEO? The Pros and Cons You Must Know Search engine optimization is an integral part of every website on the internet world. With the SEO guidelines frequently updating, every website has to practice innovative strategies permitted by the search engines, such as building backlinks, optimizing meta description, and writing quality posts.

Websites that go beyond the authentic guidelines and practice SEO techniques that are not allowed by leading search engines like Google or Bing are categorized as Black Hat SEO and are penalized if reported. Black Hat SEO increases the website’s ranking in a search engine results page by illegitimate practices in a short span of time.

If you are a website owner or developer, there are a certain basic things that you must know about Black Hat SEO.

What is Black Hat SEO?

In simple words, it is the strategy used by webmasters to fool the leading search engines like Google. It is practiced to show that the website is of proper quality although it is not that good. It is practiced by executing activities that are not legally allowed by the search engines. Content automation, keyword stuffing, cloaking, link manipulation and pages creation are some common Black Hat SEO techniques.

As it is an unauthentic method of optimization, Google punishes the websites that practice it. Anyone who has the knowledge as to what is Black Hat SEO can catch and report a website that practices it.

What are the benefits of Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO Benefits Although the Black Hat SEO techniques are quite risky to practice, there are several reasons that influence the webmasters to practice it. The websites that are optimized using Black Hat SEO techniques witness quicker success when compared to White Hat practices. These websites not only get higher ranking in a search engine results page but also manage to drive higher traffic.

It is very beneficial for websites that have short-term goals and don’t aim to exist in the world of internet for a long period. This is because the websites get a taste of early success in the form of high numbers of visitors and achieve its goal by executing what it wants.

Various experts state that several techniques of Black Hat SEO can be practiced tactically to get more traffic and to rank highly in search engines without getting penalized. This is possible by practicing the illegitimate SEO strategies in an innovative way. However, it should be checked that the strategies are not going beyond the limits.

What are the harms caused by Black Hat SEO?

It is very imperative to have a clear idea as to what is Black Hat SEO as practicing it is quite dangerous. The leading search engines punish the websites that practice Black Hat SEO techniques, for they are not the authentic way of achieving desired results. Hence, here are some of the most common punishments that a website has to undergo if has been caught while practicing the unauthentic techniques of SEO.

Black Hat SEO Harms Firstly, the website is removed from the position it has received in the search engine results page. For instance, if your website gets caught, it might be thrown to the last section of the results. Hence, your efforts and money are going in vain as your website might be ranked below the websites that have been established recently.

Secondly, you are penalized and have to pay a specific amount as punishment for violating the guidelines. Thirdly, your website may get suspended. This means that you would neither get any traffic nor execute any task through the website.

Lastly, your website may get permanently banned. This is the ultimate punishment and is usually witnessed when a website breaks the majority of existing SEO guidelines. Once a website is banned, it can never come back into existence. Therefore, it is recommended that no genuine websites should use the Black Hat SEO techniques, no matter whatever situation demands.


In essence, the black hat techniques try to trick people and the search engines with irrelevant content on search engines. However, this powerful ranking technique comes with a high risk to improve your SEO rankings because you should always be careful not to be caught. It is recommended when you need to quickly rank a site but care little about the longevity and legality. In the long run, you are not advised to use Black Hat SEO. Note that your behaviors are under the monitoring of your competitors.