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What Is Anchor Text? How to Choose the Proper Anchor Text for SEO

updated on Dec 30, 2014
What Is Anchor Text? How to Choose the Proper Anchor Text for SEO As anchor text is an imperative element in boosting the daily web page reviews and site ranking in SERPs with links, choosing and creating a proper anchor text is attached more and more importance by a growing number of Internet surfers. Under this condition, we prepare the following plain definition on what anchor text is and some pertinent suggestions on how to choose and create a proper one based on our solid SEO-related knowledge and techniques.

What's more, apart from the mentioned SEO-friendly anchor text, there are many other useful and applied search engine practices or techniques you may use including writing a good meta description, making use of the techniques from the White Hat SEO and getting quality backlinks or more. Back to the ground, we would like to display more details about the anchor text as follows.

What Is Anchor Text?

In short, anchor text, link title, link label or link text is the clickable and visible text or characters in one hyperlink. Besides, an anchor text usually consists of no more than 60 characters and the words which are contained in it can greatly affect the search engine ranking. Note that different web browsers can display the anchor text in different ways since they firstly used a tooltip for one hyperlink before selected in 1998.

What Is Anchor Text What's more, website search engines usually analyze the anchor text from the current hyperlink on website pages and other search engines make use the essential and basic principles for analyzing anchor as well. Moreover, it needs to point out that if there are two anchor text links which are pointing to the same URL, only the first mentioned and used one is able to be counted by search engine like Google.

Therefore, you'd better create related anchors on the target web page and point to those created anchors by using hashtags. Note that the anchors are required to give readers the relevant contextual and descriptive information about the target site's content and the anchors may or may not be relevant with the actual text of the link's URL. In details, a hyper link to the home page of this may in the form of <a href="/"> BestHostingSearch</a>.

How to Choose a Proper Anchor Text

As the linked text in anchor text has close relationship with the target page, the anchor text is thus highly emphasized and valued in the search engine algorithms and we would like to give you the following several easy-to-apply and practical suggestions on how to choose a proper one.

Make Use of Naked URL as Possible

Make Use of Naked URL as Possible To make use of naked URL means to add the redirecting links pointing to your web page by directly adopting the URL rather than any kind of anchor text. As is mentioned above, if you want to add a link to the homepage of BestHostingSearch, you'd better use the naked URL links like and in the meantime try your best to utilize naked URLs in over fifty percent of all added links pointing to the home page.

Vary Forms and Add Brand Name

You'd better vary the form of the anchor text by using plural or singular variances and in the meantime make it as actionable as you can. Moreover, as the branding is of great importance on strengthening trustworthiness and credit, it is necessary for you to add your own brand name in the anchor text as possible.

Match the Different Phrases and Use Stop Words

Match the Different Phrases and Use Stop Words Instead of using the exact and accurate phrase in the anchor text, you need to make some different phrase matches. To be more specific, you don't need to use "site building" and instead you can put it like "how to build site", "build site" or "the best site builder tools" and so on. Moreover, the mentioned stop words refer to the words that are filtered out after or prior to the natural language data processing and they are usually the short or most common function words, such as at, which, on, this or is.

Besides, the stop words are SEO-friendly and you are required to use them in the anchors. In addition, you can also use some other different words and phrases, such as want, how to, buy or more to immensely vary the form of your applied anchor text.