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What Are the Popular Website Hosting Solutions?

updated on Jan 15, 2015
What Are the Popular Website Hosting Solutions? There are 5 main solutions of website hosting service designed for the different requirement and different size of business, including shared web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, reseller hosting and cloud hosting. To run a successfully website cost effectively, it's not the right choice to choose the most expensive and complicated hosting type; instead, you'd better choose the one that suits your needs the best. To help you make a decision properly, we recommend you reading through this tutorial about these 5 hosting solutions.

Shared Web Hosting

This is the most affordable hosting service. It's designed for private or small business websites with the traffic of less than 1000 page views daily, depending on the website complexity. Usually there are more than 200 customers hosted on the same web server.

In fact, shared web hosting can be separated into two types basically:
  • The first type is personal shared web hosting. It's normally priced below $4/mo (regularly) working for websites less than 400 PVs daily. Actually there are some much cheaper plans at only $2/month, but they're mostly based on the oversold.
  • The second type is business-class shared web hosting pricing from $4/mo to $10/mo for websites less than 800 PVs daily. Some excellent providers even support up to 1200 PVs views and the page loading time can be compared with some VPS hosting.

Note that the price determines the performance, reliability and system resources you will get, so don't consider the ones that charge you less than $3/mo. Below are the top shared web hosts in our editors' list.

VPS Hosting

The VPS hosting is almost managed by yourself as the same as you're managing a dedicated server. But actually it's a virtual private server using the visualization technologies such as VMWare or VirtualPC. The price of VPS hosting is in tier based on the CPU, memory, hard disk and network bandwidth allocation, from $15 to $60 monthly. Usually a good VPS deal can support up to 3000 page views daily, if your website and software are optimized properly.

In fact, the ideal price of VPS hosting is around $20/month. Some cheap VPS hosting plans are only at $10/month, but they're not recommended at all. You shall be more care of reliability and performance instead of BUDGET when you choose VPS hosting. The cheap plans may come from the oversold of the physical machine, or the insufficient investment on employment, hardware and software.
  • The overselling is common in hosting industry. It's the root cause as for the poor performance especially when you don't have thousands of visits daily. And it also has hidden troubles on the reliability.
  • The insufficient investment on employment leads you have to wait for days to get help on your website or virtual server.

Also, some VPS hosting pricing more than $40/month are totally shit. Yes, it may be faster than the ones at $20 but it's not cost effective. You can consider pay another $40/month more to have a startup dedicated server. After reviewing a dozen of VPS hosting, we had come out a list of the best VPS hosting as following,

Dedicated Server

The dedicated server is completely owned, controlled and managed by yourself. The difference of a dedicated server is, it's hosted in a professional data center with higher speed network connection, stronger power grid and more efficient cooling system. The price of a dedicated server is usually from $120 to $400 monthly, depending on the server features, hardware, software, network and the customer service. It's widely used by most of large websites with the traffic of more than 10,000 page views daily. Below are the good web hosts offering quality dedicated hosting.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is not designed for people building their own websites but in the role of "web hosting provider". The reseller purchases the reseller hosting plan from a web host then resells them to their own clients. The reseller shall have the ability to use the allocated CPU usage, memory, disk space and network bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third parties. Most of reseller hosting plans start from $20/month only, to $100/month.

Actually it's unbelievable that it can be resold to the large number of customers. Here is an easy way to estimate how many customers can be afforded by a reseller hosting plan. That is, $1 per customer per month as the cost. So if you choose a $50 priced reseller hosting, usually it's better to resell it to up to 50 your customers, unless you don't take care of the reputation of your own brand, or take the risk that you may be penalized by the reseller hosting provider for the exhausting system resources. Check the top providers in below.

Cloud Hosting

The term "Cloud hosting" is coming hot recently in web hosting industry but it more likes a kid, this is the reason why we don't create a list of rated cloud hosting providers so far. Cloud hosting comes from cloud computing, describes a new supplement, consumption, and delivery model for IT services based on Internet protocols, and it typically involves provisioning of dynamically scalable and virtualized system resources.

The spotlight of Cloud hosting is at its "scalability" and "virtualization" and the main benefit to consumers is "cost saving". The simple scenario to describe its value is, the system can automatically increase the computing units for the peak time and decrease the computing units at night. Then, this can help users save the cost on the night, by utilizing the resources more efficiently, as demanded.

But most of webmasters and business owners doesn't have more than over a hundred thousand unique visits daily and usually one or two nowadays dedicated servers are complete enough. In this case, launching a cloud hosting is not a brilliant choice compared to the investment on mastering the clouding computing technology. In another words, you shall not be in this website for the answers when you really need "clouding" for your tricky problems and cost saving.

The best cloud hosting solution are Amazon and Microsoft Azure so far, determined by your preferred platform. You don't need to waste your time looking for being cheated by some bad cloud hosting review websites. We will write an article introducing about Cloud hosting in detail from our insight soon...