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Weebly VS WordPress – In-Depth Comparison of Site Builder Tools

updated on Nov 16, 2016
Weebly VS WordPress – In-Depth Comparison of Site Builder Tools In below, we have worked out a comprehensive comparison between Weebly and WordPress to make clear which is better for building website. We have used the 2 tools to set up several websites and blogs for a long term, and have reviewed the applications from several aspects. In addition, we have read thousands of verified reviews from real users. Therefore, this comparison is promised to be impartial.

Read the following parts to learn the details of the 2 tools and make your choice according to your preference and need.

Blogging Platform

Weebly allows for blogging and has its own built-in content management system that is easy to use and same as the hosting. However, the defect is that users don't have the access to their content, unless it is through the Weebly editor. Moreover, this software doesn't rank as high as WordPress, which means people have to work a little hard to make their websites built with Weebly rank number 1 in search.

WordPress is found as a blogging platform and is recognized as the best blogging platform available, which gives users the ability to fully control over their blog content, categories and tags while allowing them to build a blog post with the least effort being made.


Weebly VS WordPress - SEOAs we have mentioned above that in search engine optimization, Weebly doesn't do as well as the other one, but it still offers all useful tools to optimize users' Weebly SEO. On the other hand, WordPress does very well in search engine optimization by effectively managing and organizing users' website content, categories and URL structures. Besides, it allows you to use simple plugins to get better SEO.


To help users control over products better and build an online store easier, Weebly has recently updated its eCommerce options. This software is a good option to build an online store, but the downside is that it needs a pretty easy interface and it brings an increased monthly cost.

There are a large number of plugins available for people to build a WordPress eCommerce website, no matter it is a large or small online presence. Therefore, you are able to build an expendable eCommerce website with WordPress than you could with the other tool.

Packages & Price

Weebly provides a basic plan which is free, but includes a small advertisement in your website's footer, which may annoy your visitors and bring some bad impact to your business. Besides, they have released 3 paid plans: Starter is priced at $4/mo, which allows customers to customize their websites' footers to remove the Weebly logo and gives them the access to the premium support provided by the company.

Weebly VS WordPress - PriceThe second one is named as Pro which is $8/mo and includes more outstanding features, such as site search, header slideshows as well as video and audio players. Another one is named as Business, the price of which is $25/mo. This plan is the best choice for people running an online store with an unlimited amount of products and features like coupon codes.

On the other hand, WordPress has its own hosting plans available at, but the solutions are not recommended. On the contrary, we suggest people using the open source option of WordPress, which allows them to choose a reliable and trustworthy hosting company and pay less money per month. According to our hosting experience and thousands of customer reviews, BlueHost, JustHost and A2Hosting are 3 of the best WordPress hosting providers, the price of whose packages is low to $2.95/mo.


According to the aspect-to-aspect comparison above, it can be concluded that Weebly is great for beginners while WordPress is a good for expanding. Besides, both of the 2 applications are good blogging platforms. However, the latter is better for building complicated and intricate websites by hiring professional technicians and the former is a good option for people who want to build a simple but elegant website themselves.

For people who want to build a website or blog with WordPress, we have made the following table to list 3 of the best web hosting offering extremely reliable and fast WordPress hosting service and quality technical support. Move on for details.