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Weebly VS Webs – Which Is the Better Choice for Building Websites

updated on Nov 03, 2014
Weebly VS Webs – Which Is the Better Choice for Building Websites Today, we would like to make a profound and unbiased comparison between Weebly and Webs, both of which are helpful site builders endowing a multitude of functionalities and features for webmasters to build a website. Besides, although Weebly and Webs share many similarities, they differ from each other on many aspects.

Therefore, to spotlight the differences and advantages as well as disadvantages existing between Weebly and Webs, we would like to give an overall summary on the two tools from the aspect of pricing and packages, flexibility and features and customer support. Keep on reading the following details and choose the better one for building website.

Weebly VS Webs – Pricing & Packages

Having served more than twenty million sites up till now, Weebly enjoys high reputation and wide appreciation from the public with more than one million site visitors per month. When it comes to the pricing and packages, this site builder owns one free package and three premium plans which are named as Starter, Pro and Business plans differently. In terms of its free package, Weebly utilizes a free of charge online website creator, all of whose elements are able to be operated through drag-and-drop tools.

Weebly VS Webs - Pricing & Packages In details, if you are signing up for its six-month service for those mentioned premium plans, you just need to pay for $4.83/mo, $9.83/mo and $29/mo respectively. Note that you are able to get a considerable discount further if you are subscribing to its one or two years' plans.

In comparison, as a popular and useful website creator, Webs claims to provide flexible pricing without any hidden charges. Moreover, Webs also has three differentiated plans for site building which are named after Starter, Enhanced and Pro. To be more specific, the mentioned plans are designed for basic sites, business and online stores respectively with charging for $3.75/mo, $7.5/mo and $16.66/mo differently.

Furthermore, as Weebly offers one additional free of charge plan and a considerable discount for its paid packages, we can easily reach the conclusion that Weebly is more affordable and reasonable for peoplehosting small business websites and having small budget. What's more, the pricing policy system of Weebly is more user-friendly and less complex than that of its competitor whose pricing system is displayed randomly and disorderly.

Flexibility & Features

Weebly VS Webs - Flexibility & Features As a professional and powerful website builder, Weebly allows you to instantly set up your business or educational websites without requiring any technical skills or related knowledge. What's more, it can run successfully on multiple operating system including Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS and generate one mobile version for every website automatically. Furthermore, Weebly gives essential and basic features for eCommerce and blogging and offers alternative payment gateways including Stripe, PayPal and

Besides, Weebly bestows unlimited storage and bandwidth for webmasters subscribing to its service, which is not available for Webs who has a strict limitation on storage and bandwidth. Moreover, one of the most obvious differences existing between Weebly and its competitor is that Weebly itself doesn't have attached or forced advertising on the site, which is considered to be more professional and respectful.

On the other hand, as a professional website designer, Webs devotes itself to creating robust and beautiful templates which are fully customizable and it owns more than 300 pre-made templates whose number greatly surpasses that of Weebly who only offers 100+ pre-made templates.

What's more, Webs is social-connected with integrating your site with all kinds of social icons, such as Facebook and Twitter. In comparison, its competitor is integrated with the Google Adsence which is helpful on attracting more commercial opportunities.

Customer Support

Weebly VS Webs - Customer Support Speaking to the customer support, Weebly offers its users high-quality and free-of-charge support in the form of FAQ and email in each of its offered plans. Moreover, webmasters are prepared with other alternative support options including the beginner's guide, text and images tutorials, domain and email as well as website pages solutions.

Compared with its competitor, Webs itself doesn't own free support and only offers support options for users in its premium packages with only offering support for phone call, email and live chat in its most expensive package.

Conclusion – Weebly is the better choice

Having compared Weebly and Webs from the aspect of price, features and customer support, we think that the former is the better choice for building websites as it has more advanced features and reasonable pricing policy as well as accessible customer support.

Besides, as Weebly lacks the effective communication channel of live chat and phone call, we recommend you to choose a powerful and reliable web host offering Weebly site builder, such as the following 3 companies,