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Website Malware Scan Tools & Tips You Must Know

updated on Feb 11, 2015
Website Malware Scan Tools & Tips You Must Know Malware, an abbreviation of malicious software, is a kind of software designed and sent by hackers to disturb computer operation and intercept sensitive information. This software appears in various forms, such as scripts, active contents and codes. It is comprised of many computer viruses, including rootkits, spyware, rogue security and ransomware, etc.

To be frank, it is not easy to get rid of malicious software from a website despite you have installed some security plugins or applied secure systems like SiteLock. In this case, we figure out the best malware scanning tools and tips for you to eliminate any computer virus effectively and completely. More details are displayed in the following parts.

How to Identify a Malware

For better performance, you'd better identify malware before detecting and removing it. For convenience and simplicity, we sum up some characteristic symptoms of an infected website in below. Drop down and check the following symptoms.
  1. You will be notified that the Internet explorer couldn't display the page when enter some websites.
  2. You will be redirected to other webpages rather than the one you want to enter.
  3. Your default home page of a web browser has been changed.
  4. Your computer runs slower than ever and restarts by itself.

Best Malware Scan Tools

To remove malware infections mentioned above, it is recommendable to use scanning tools which can wipe out hidden threats on your PC. As is showed below, there are best anti-virus solutions which are sure to keep your site safe.



Avast, as a free and popular security solution, has been used by millions of businesses, mobile devices and authorities all over the world. This scanning tool allows you to guard home network devices from hacker attacks with a bunch of features. In details, it can not only remove irritating extensions and browser toolbars, but also can update important software automatically.

Best Malware Scan Tools - Avast

Spybot Search and Destroy


Spybot is a powerful anti-virus protection and helps users wipe out disturbing start-up programs. In the further, this scanner can back up important registry settings to ensure confidentiality. It comes with a wide range of tools, including Spybot CD creation, OpenSBI detection rule editor and repair environment, etc.

Best Malware Scan Tools - Spybot Search and Destroy

AVG Antivirus


AVG is a free anti-virus software that detects and blocks spyware and spammers effectively. More than that, this solution works to secure you from hostile downloads and scammers. One spotlight of this tool is the rock-solid link protection from multiple social networking websites, including Facebook, Twitter and so on.

Best Malware Scan Tools - AVG Antivirus

Kaspersky Security Scan


Kaspersky provides users with multi-layered and instant scanning for threats without any charge. By using this tool, you can get strong financial and identity protection from phishing emails or websites. In the further, this software is compatible with multiple operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows 7, XP and 8 editions.

Best Malware Scan Tools - Kaspersky Security Scan

Sophos Virus Removal Tool


Backed up by enterprise-grade technologies, Sophos Virus Removal Tool contributes to detecting any kind of malware on your PC, such as Conficker and rootkits. This software has access to a large amount of virus data from SophosLabs with out-of-the-box security features. Due to the excellence in malware scanning, it has a large user base of over 100 million people across the globe.

Best Malware Scan Tools - Sophos Virus Removal Tool

Useful Malware Scan Tips

In some cases that you are not allowed to use the mentioned anti-virus scanners, we highly recommend you to run computer in "Safe Mode with Networking" and perform the scan from there. To do so, you need to remove CDs, DVDs and disks from personal computer and restart it then.

Even you perform the malware scan smoothly, there are some necessary practices and pertinent tips to remove malicious software completely. Details are well-listed in below.
  1. Backup Registry – make a copy of the system registry prior to deleting the malware in case that you will lose system settings.
  2. Delete Temporary Files- remember to delete all temporary files of Internet explorer and Windows because the malware sometimes locates there.
  3. Update OS Software or Apps Regularly – make a regular update of your OS software and applications so as to find and perish security issues in time.
  4. Check System Errors – run "Scandisk" or "Check Disk" function to find out the system errors before removing malware and then clean all folders of Java Cache.

Recommendable Web Hosting Solutions

To manage and secure a website is time-consuming and confusing especially for beginners have little technical knowledge. In this case, it is recommendable to choose robust web hosting service provider which is responsible for your site management and security. Having researched and tested thousands of hosting solutions, we suggest you to go with the following recommendations.