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WebHostingPad VPS Hosting Review Based on Customer Survey

updated on Jan 14, 2015
WebHostingPad VPS Hosting Review Based on Customer Survey Recently, many of our readers ask us about the VPS hosting service from WebHostingPad and under this condition we come out a well-though-to and objective hosting review on this company's VPS service based on our long-term experience on finding out the best VPS hosting companies.

What's more, we have made out the following ratings on this web host's VPS hosting service by referring to the real customers' voices. Furthermore, this review chart consists of many essential hosting aspects including features, speed, price, support, reliability and reputation. More classified information is displayed as follows.
WebHostingPad VPS Hosting Review
  • Reputation
  • Feature
  • Reliability
  • Speed
  • Support
  • Price

Cost & Packages

WebHostingPad VPS Hosting Review - Cost & Packages Having a relatively high reputation among many excellent hosting companies and partnered with, WebHostingPad promises to offer webmasters who are in need of the scalability and customizability of a dedicated service at a reasonable price three VPS hosting packages. To be more specific, these available packages are named as Beginner, Professional and Premium in obedience to different hosting price and features.

To help people who are in a hurry avoid some unnecessary inconveniences and troubles in finding out the right correspondent hosting price for each mentioned package, we make out a price table of all this web host's VPS hosting packages as follows. By the way, people are permitted to sign up any of the following listed VPS hosting plan through multiple payment gateways including PayPal, Alipay and Credit Card.

Plan in ComparisonBeginner PlanProfessional PlanPremium Plan
Starting Price$19.95/mo$34.95/mo$49.95/mo
Monthly Price$29.95/mo$44.95/mo$59.95/mo
Quarterly Price$24.95/mo$39.95/mo$54.95/mo

Note that those three differentiated hosting plans are created for different hosting purposes and target audiences, such as the first entry-level plan is designed for individuals who are just starting off with VPS. However, the claimed hosting price is a little bit higher when compared with that of other high-quality VPS hosting provider, such as BlueHost which charges no more than $19/mo.

VPS Hosting Features

WebHostingPad VPS Hosting Review - VPS Hosting Features Having hosted more than 200,000 domains all over the world, WebHostingPad owns many world-class and advanced technologies, such as the CloudFlare content delivery network service which has an impetus on boosting the files and video loading speed and the RAID-protected servers. What's more, like other renowned and popular hosting providers, WebHostingPad makes use of the most easy-to-use cPanel and SSD-based databases.

What's more, this company gives total support for a couple of scripting languages including Perl, MySQL, PHP, Python and FFMpeg and in the meantime endows customers the ability to get unlimited databases, emails and domains with differently-allocated monthly bandwidth, disk space, IP addresses and memory in the same time. More straightforward information and details are presented in below.

Plan in ComparisonBeginner PlanProfessional PlanPremium Plan
Disk Space20GB80GB160GB
Monthly Bandwidth100GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Dedicated IP Addresses123
Free Setup
Full Root Access

Whereas, the mentioned distributed disk storage is rather limited when compared with that of other award-winning hosting providers, such as iPage which offers at least 40GB disk storage for customers hosting online business.

Performance & Customer Service

By keeping 24x7 continuous monitoring on the server and applying a state-of-the-art data center, this web host delivers webmasters its guaranteed 99% uptime which is actually much less than that of most web hosts on the market. Moreover, this hosting provider commits to providing blazing-fast and high-performance hosting experience for customers who are annoyed by long server response time and slow page loading speed.

WebHostingPad VPS Hosting Review - Performance & Customer Service In fact, we have suffered from frequent serious downtime from this company during the last several months we hosted our WordPress sites on this company's virtual private server. Besides, our accumulated monitoring data shows that the response time of server from this company is much more than many average hosting companies and is calculated to be 792ms, which is rather disappointing.

Furthermore, as a trustworthy and favourable hosting provider, WebHostingPad makes its customers well-prepared with strictly-selected FAQs and tutorials in its support center where webmasters are required to login to their accounts firstly. In addition, this company does a good job on customer service by providing the necessary and convenient contact tunnel of email, free-of-charge phone call and web browser-based live chat, which makes it a good option for people especially the newbies and beginners.


To sum up, WebHostingPad is excellent in offering satisfying customer service, but its long server response time, frequently-occurred downtime, relatively high hosting price and limited powerful features make it not a worthwhile VPS hosting option.

What's more, we have the following recommended best VPS hosting companies all of which are rich in features and cheap in price with offering high uptime and fast speed in the meantime.