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WebHostingHub WordPress Hosting Review

updated on Sep 14, 2014
WebHostingHub WordPress Hosting Review Is WebHostingHub right for WordPress hosting? Exactly, we have reviewed WebHostingHub WordPress hosting from 360 angles based on WordPress compatibility, installation, running performance, technical support, and price.

WordPress is a free and open source content management system for publishing content over the Internet, which is widely used by 10 million users worldwide. The good accreditation of WordPress comes from the usability, performance, and extendibility. It allows non-technical people to get their websites started from scratch without learning lengthy documentation.

WebHostingHub WordPress Compatibility

WordPress is written in PHP running based on MySQL database. WebHostingHub hosting actually far exceeds the minimum requirement on running WordPress. WebHostingHub WordPress hosting supports PHP 5.2/5.3, MySQL 5 based on Linux CentOS and Apache 2.X, and provides the following unique features optimized for running WordPress,
  • PHP memory_limit is set to be 512MB, which is sufficient to respond most of large requests including large image file uploading.
  • Install mod_rewrite Apache module for SEO-friendly custom URL configuration.
  • Support to run PHP as suPHP for improved WordPress security.

WebHostingHub WordPress Installation

The installation is the most challenging part of deploying a website on shared web hosts successfully, since WordPress is a database driven software. Many people think installing WordPress is a complicated task that needs to create MySQL database, configure PHP.INI for optimization, and configure WordPress itself.

WebHostingHub makes the WordPress installation easily by offering Fantastico as a 1-Click application installer, integrated with WebHostingHub hosting control panel. Fantastico allows you to set up WordPress with minimal effort and knowledge, as well as automated upgrade, by a few mouse clicks.

WebHostingHub WordPress Speed

WebHostingHub drives extremely fast WordPress hosting by utilizing all DELL branded servers with 4x Intel XEON E5502 and 32GB RAM and the BGP4 network infrastructure.

As a test to the server response of WebHostingHub and GoDaddy, WebHostingHub is approximately 100% faster than GoDaddy.

WebHostingHub WordPress Technical Support

WebHostingHub is one of the best web hosting companies now. They have over 100 staffs and 500 servers serving for half a million domains and websites. As introduced by WebHostingHub, their support technicians are expertly trained and part of the WordPress community - in fact, most of their staff use WordPress for their personal sites!

WebHostingHub also partners with the WordPress community and a dozen of WordPress design websites. With WebHostingHub WordPress hosting, the users are allowed to download thousands proven WordPress themes, WordPress widgets, and WordPress plugins.

WebHostingHub WordPress Price Versus Value

WebHostingHub offers an all-in-one web hosting package. It includes 1 FREE domain, supports to host multiple websites on 1 account, provides unlimited disk space, monthly bandwidth and email accounts. WebHostingHub also gifts all US and Canadian clients with $75 FREE Google AdWords Credit and $75 FREE Bing/Yahoo Search Credit.

WebHostingHub web hosting is pricing at $6.99/mo regularly. BestHostingSearch as a special partner, WebHostingHub offers all readers from this promotional link with a special 43% discount pricing at $3.99/mo only. At this effective price, WebHostingHub all-in-one web hosting is the best cost effective solution for personal and small businesses.

WebHostingHub WordPress Hosting Review