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WebHostingHub VS iPage - Shared Web Hosting Comparison

updated on Mar 30, 2015
WebHostingHub VS iPage - Shared Web Hosting Comparison According to the comparison between WebHostingHub and iPage based on their price, features, reliability, performance, technical support and green technology, we find that WebHostingHub provides affordable personal hosting services while iPage makes its services cheap. There are many differences between the two words "affordable" and "cheap", just as we explain in below.

WebHostingHub VS iPage > Price & Features

WebHostingHub and iPage shared one thing in common: they both have an all-in-one shared web hosting plan, but the difference is that the 2 plans come with very different price and features.

WebHostingHub web hosting plans starts from $3.99/mo when readers go through this exclusive promotional link, approximately 43% off the regular $6.99/mo. As for iPage, its plan starts from only $2.25/mo in the special promotion period.

Generally speaking, iPage is a little bit cheaper than WebHostingHub, but that doesn't mean iPage is definitely more cost-effective. Taking features into consideration, we believe that the cheap price of iPage results from the limited features. Read details in the following table.

Free Domain
Free Premium Website Builder
Auto Installer
Custom Cron Jobs
Shared SSL Certificate
Price $3.99/mo$2.25/mo

There are so many features that are not included in iPage feature list. Among them, we need to mention that Custom Cron Jobs is especially important in customizing a personal blog, whatever using WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. Therefore, for readers requiring excellent blog hosting services like WordPress, WebHostingHub should be the better choice.

WebHostingHub VS iPage > Reliability & Performance

Both of WebHostingHub and iPage own 2 data centers utilizing high quality Dell servers, BGP4 smart routing and UPS power backup generation. To ensure customers' websites are up and running all the time, the 2 companies have also set up dedicated teams to monitor the network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As we have monitored since Sept. 2012, WebHostingHub and iPage both deliver more than 99.9% uptime on average. In most months, the real uptime of WebHostingHub is even up to 100%. Read the chart below for WebHostingHub real uptime statistics in the past 30 days.

Besides uptime, we have also monitored the server response of WebHostingHub and iPage to see if their performance is as good as the reliability. As a result, we find that WebHostingHub is about 40% faster than iPage. It should be due to the fact that WebHostingHub has teamed up with some of the world's largest ISPs and peering exchanges to create direct data-peering connections to speed up the data delivery.

WebHostingHub VS iPage > Green Technology

WebHostingHub and iPage are among the few web hosts devoted to green hosting. iPage has purchased Renewable Energy Certificates to cut off 200% energy use and partnered with EPA (United States Environment Protection Agency) for green power. The websites hosted with iPage are guaranteed to be eco-friendly.

WebHostingHub has concentrated on green hosting for many years. The company has set up the first-ever green data center in Los Angeles, CA and utilized advanced Outside Air Cooling technology. With the help of this technology, WebHostingHub reduces 70% cooling costs and over 2,000 ton carbon output per year. Besides, WebHostingHub has been partnering with several non-profit environmental organizations to carry out more eco-strategies.

WebHostingHub VS iPage > Technical Support

Support methods like toll-free phone, email support ticket, live chat, tutorials and knowledgebase are all accessible 24x7 with WebHostingHub and iPage, but the quality of support has differed WebHostingHub from iPage.

According to our real experience, WebHostingHub support staff are experienced and knowledgeable. They always respond in the shortest time possible and give their answers in a lucid and logical way. Based on the hundreds of real customer reviews, 97.3% are speaking highly of WebHostingHub technical support.

We have experienced iPage support by ourselves, too. What disappoints us is that the staff we asked for help were a little bit rude and helpless on our WordPress related technical problems.

Conclusion: WebHostingHub Is Better for Personal Hosting

Given the aspects we have discussed above, it is a natural conclusion that WebHostingHub is more suitable for personal hosting. It could not be wrong going with WebHostingHub, because for the rich features, excellent uptime, fast speed and trusted 90 days money back guarantee.

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