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WebHostingHub VS HostMonster - Which Is Better

updated on Jan 18, 2017
WebHostingHub VS HostMonster - Which Is Better WebHostingHub, a branch of InMotion, is a fast-growing web host who focuses all its resources on shared hosting. HostMonster is one of the hosting leaders who specialize in providing shared hosting plans. Both of them are award-winning shared hosting providers, recommended by many hosting review sites in which BestHostingSearch is not an exception.

However, you must be confused about how to make a choice between the two web hosts. Below is the rating table which is based on using experience and our survey. From the table, it is easy for you to get overall information on the pricing, features, performance, and support. Certainly, the detailed comparison will come later.

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WebHostingHub VS HostMonster on Pricing

To your delight, the shared hosting plans the two web hosts offer both charge for affordable prices. To make things concise, we have listed out the prices to help you understand fully at a glance.

Annual Plan$3.99/mo$5.95/mo
2 Years$1.95 /1st 3 mos$4.95/mo
3 Years$1.95 /1st 3 mos$3.95/mo
Marketing Credits$75$100
Refund Policy90 DaysAnytime

It is obvious that WebHostingHub is more competitive than HostMonster because the shared hosting plans released by WebHostingHub are charged as low as $1.95/mo for the initial three months with a 90-day money back guarantee.

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In terms of the pricing and the refund policy, few companies can compare with WebHostingHub in the whole hosting world. But HostMonster is still an affordable choice though its plans are a little more expensive than those of WebHostingHub.

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WebHostingHub VS HostMonster on Features

It is admitted that both of the two companies offer customers with some good features, like easy-to-use cPanel, unlimited bandwidth and 1-year free domain. Besides, they also support some scripts, like Python and Perl. However, there are still some points which distinguish one from the other.

Free Domain1 Year1 Year
Disk SpaceUnlimited50 GB
Email AccountsUnlimited5
Control PanelcPanelcPanel
Free Site Migration
How to ClaimLink ActivationLink Activation

You can easily find that the WebHostingHub plan comes with unlimited resources while HostMonster sets limitations for disk space and email accounts. In this sense, WebHostingHub has advantages over HostMonster in features.

WebHostingHub VS HostMonster on Uptime

Thanks to the excellent job in reliability and performance, the two companies both take pride in their achievements of providing the users with a more secure and reliable environment when compared with other competitors. The achievements have a close relationship with their efforts.

The two web hosts both utilize multiple world-class data centers, which are equipped with 100% DELL servers, uninterrupted power supply, and diesel backup generator. According to our monitoring, HostMonster wins a little in the uptime race. You can check their jobs in the past 30 days as bellows. Note that the first chart is the uptime of WebHostingHub and then it comes that of HostMonster.

WebHostingHub VS HostMonster on Speed

When it comes to the speed, they take advantage of some technologies and assign some employees to ensure that customers can enjoy short server response time. We believe that you will have a better understanding after reading the statistics in below, which is recorded by a monitoring tool.

From the chart, both of them have a competitive speed, which is less than 400ms. But the server response time of HostMonster is a little shorter than that of WebHostHub.

WebHostingHub VS HostMonster on Support

Like most web hosts, the two web hosts also guarantee 24/7 customer service, which says that they both have attached great importance to the satisfaction of the customers.

Their support teams can both be contacted via three communication channels: live chat, phone, and email. Moreover, you can find solutions through knowledge base, tutorials and more which are available for you. But we think the first one is more effective way for you to address your problems.

We also did a test for the response time via live chat, which is one of the instant communication tools. Our test shows that WebHostingHub does a better job owing to it has a shorter response time within 30 seconds while HostMonster answers our question at less than 1 minute.

Generally speaking, they both have done an excellent job. It does not matter if you do not trust our test result because you can also enter their official sites to make a test via their live chat.


In conclusion, the two web hosts are both good web hosts for you to host a site but they have their own advantages. Therefore, you can make a choice based on your needs.
  • If you focus more on the pricing, features, and customer support, we recommend choosing WebHostingHub as your hosting provider.
  • If you have major concerns in uptime and speed, going with HostMonster is your better choice.