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WebHostingHub VS GoDaddy on Shared Hosting Service

updated on Apr 11, 2017
WebHostingHub VS GoDaddy on Shared Hosting Service WebHostingHub is a relatively small company compared with GoDaddy, but does that mean GoDaddy has done a better job than WebHostingHub in every aspect? Don't make the conclusion too easily before having a deep look into the service they offer.

The 2 companies have a lot of differences, while in this article, their comparison mainly focuses on the quality of their shared hosting service, including reliability, performance, features, technical support, and price.

We’ve been following GoDaddy for several months and WebHostingHub for more than a year. So this review is based on our firsthand information. We’ve also collected verified customer feedbacks to be more objective and convincing.

Editorial Ratings

Before writing this comparison, we have carefully reviewed the 2 companies' backgrounds, reputation and all the aspects of their shared hosting service, and then worked out a series of detailed ratings on their overall service, control panel, reliability, and technical support. The reviews are largely impacted by the performance of the sample WordPress site hosted with WebHostingHub and GoDaddy respectively.

Editorial RatingWebHostingHubGoDaddy
Control Panel
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Shared Hosting Price

Shared Hosting PriceWebHostingHub offers its high-quality web hosting plans designed to meet various demands such as blogs, small businesses, forums, and so on. What's more, it allows subscribers going through the promotional link below to get a considerable discount for the plans, which reduces the price down to $1.95/mo. Note that the best price is only valid for at least two-year registration and applies to the first three months of hosting service, then it comes up to $3.99/mo.

The plan is fairly cheap, but it still includes many beneficial extras, such as 1 free domain name, $100 Google AdWords credits, $75 Bing/Yahoo search credits, and $25 Twitter ads credits. These pay-per-click ads credits play an important role in promoting websites and driving quality traffic to them.

WebHostingHub Promotional Link Activation

GoDaddy has 3 upgradable web hosting plans named Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate which are priced from $4.99/mo, $6.49/mo and $10.99/mo respectively. To be honest, this prices are not quite affordable, especially considering that the guaranteed server resources are a little bit limited.

There is one advantage coming with the plans. GoDaddy is generous in providing customers with ads credits. For example, subscribers to any plan among the 3 have access to $100 Google AdWords credits.

As for refund period, GoDaddy offers a 45-day money back guarantee while WebHostingHub offers a 90-day full refund guarantee and an anytime money back guarantee as well. In this sense, it is a more secure choice than GoDaddy even though its price is somewhat higher than GoDaddy’s discounted price. It can be inferred that WebHostingHub is more confident with its hosting services.

Shared Hosting Features

When it comes to features, WebHostingHub and GoDaddy are really set apart from each other. Because the shared hosting features included in their web hosting plans have not so many similarities except for unlimited bandwidth.

GoDaddy is never a match for WebHostingHub in terms of hosting features. Take the Economy Plan for example. The resources and tools included in Economy only meet the basic demands of personal websites. Judging from its customer feedbacks, many Economy users had to move to Deluxe or Ultimate or cancel services directly because of resource inadequacy.

WebHostingHub, on the other hand, offers the best of everything for its users. The scalable Spark plan comes with unlimited resources to cater to the needs of beginners and skilled webmasters. The following facts are enough to speak for themselves.
  • Flexible and secure email features: SPAM Safe Protection, Secure POP3/IMAP, 3Web-Mail Clients, Mobile Device Compatible;
  • Shopping Carts: Zen Cart, Cube Cart, osCommerce;
  • $75 marketing offers on Google;
  • Multiple popular CMS including Joomla, Drupal, Moodle, WordPress, etc;
  • Useful tools for hosting blogs, forums, photo galleries, and more.
In below, we have taken WebHostingHub Spark plan to compare with GoDaddy Economy. Read the following table for details.

Plan in ViewSparkEconomy
Free domain
Multiple Sites
Disk space Unlimited 100 GB
Email Accounts Unlimited 1
PHP 5.x,7.x 5.x
MySQL Databases 5 10
Money Back Guarantee90 Days30 Days
ConclusionRecommendedNot Recommended

Shared Hosting Reliability

Both of WebHostingHub and GoDaddy claim to offer 99.9% server and network uptime. According to the close monitoring of the sample WordPress sites, they have well fulfilled the commitment, but there is still a small difference, just as the following uptime statistics.
  • webhostinghub: averages 99.99% in the past 6 months.
  • godaddy: averages 99.91% in the past 6 months.
Here is the monitoring of WebHostingHub.

Shared Hosting Performance

Shared Hosting PerformanceWebHostingHub operates 2 state-of-the-art data centers located on the east coast and west coast of the US, both of which utilize 100% factory-tested Dell servers, BGP smart routing, 10 gigabit Ethernet connection, route optimization, as well as 24x7 server to guarantee the best network performance.

GoDaddy owns, runs, and supports several data centers in Iowa, Arizona, California, etc. the data centers also feature full network, firewall protection, virus detection and cleaning, etc. However, website performance is always the biggest concern for GoDaddy, as we have kept receiving complaints that GoDaddy is really slow for WordPress.

To verify the true condition, we searched Google and found that there were really many user complaints about the slow w site loading speed of GoDaddy. Even there were many discussion in the WordPress official support center, seeing the screenshot as below.

GoDaddy Slow

Also, in the past half a year, we have monitored the server response time of both WebHostingHub and GoDaddy, and the result shows that the servers of the former company respond 100% faster than those of GoDaddy on average. The monitoring statistics of the past 30 days are in the following chart.

Shared Hosting Technical Support

Shared Hosting Technical SupportThe common feature in this aspect is that both of the 2 companies have a dedicated support team professional in shared hosting and reachable 24x7. The difference, however, lies in the ways that their customers can get in contact with a real staff.

WebHostingHub offers better support channels and more considerate services. Their friendly technician can be reached via chat, phone and email anytime. Its help center offers a variety of tutorials and know-hows written in plain language. The best part is their on-boarding call service. Shortly after we signed up their Spark plan, a professional staff reached us via phone and accompanied us through the whole setup process and answered all our questions patiently.

Our Recommendation

Based on the facts discussed above, we personally recommend WebHostingHub, for the web hosting service from this company is more affordable, and performs better for WordPress reliability and performance. GoDaddy has been the recognized #1 in domain registration, but is just a little bit lagged behind in WordPress hosting.