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WebHostingHub VS FatCow – Shared Hosting Comparisons

updated on Sep 04, 2017
WebHostingHub VS FatCow – Shared Hosting Comparisons Established in 1998, FatCow is older than WebHostingHub. Their user reviews, however, tell that the length of history is not one of the most important factors to consider when evaluating a hosting provider. The former is getting more complaints than the latter.

Since the choice depends on your actual needs, we will compare FatCow and WebHostingHub from various aspects including the support quality, ease of use, performance, and price. You can read the details to see the similarities and differences between them.

The following ratings could also help with the understanding.

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WebHostingHub and FatCow Provide High Uptime

The two web hosts don't offer an SLA for the service uptime, but they have been doing well in the reliability. They have world-class data centers featuring multiple layers of redundancy in the power supply and network connection, and their servers are of high quality with the minimum unexpected issues. Besides, FatCow also tries to improve the uptime by serving customers' websites with server clusters.

The uptime of WebHostingHub shown in our monitoring system averages over 99.95% in the past month and 99.93% in the past year.

And that of FatCow is 99.92% in the past month and 99.90% in the past year.

The Advantages of Choosing WebHostingHub

According to our reviews, WebHostingHub in fact provides much more cost-effective shared hosting than FatCow. The reasons lie in the scalable plans with affordable prices, the favorable refund policy, fast support replies, etc.

Scalable plans with affordable prices

WebHostingHub provides three plans to guarantee the scalability. The basic plan, Spark, now comes with a discount which allows you to sign up by paying $1.95/mo only for the first three months if you choose the 2/3-year contract. The rest months charge $3.99/mo, which is affordable, too. The other plans cost a little more, while they come with more features. Besides, the renewal prices start at $8.99/mo.

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The single plan of FatCow tries to provide you with everything you need. With a time-limited discount for newcomers, now you are able to pay $4.08/mo for the plan. Such a price is valid for the first billing term, and if you renew, you have to pay $12.95/mo at least.

For extras, both web hosts provide a free domain and free advertising credits. Also, with WebHostingHub, you can ask the support team to transfer three websites for you for free.

cPanel and many other features

WebHostingHub provides the modern cPanel control panel. As a hub for the website and account management tools, cPanel provides so far the easiest way for shared hosting users to accomplish the daily management tasks. It is a pity that FatCow doesn't offer cPanel. Instead, it has been using vDeck, a control panel that is somewhat outdated in the design and some features like file manager.

For other features, the FatCow plan does include more databases, parked domains and subdomains than WebHostingHub Spark plan, while it lacks some developer features like Perl and SSH. More information is available in the table below.

PlanSparkFatCow Plan
Disk Space/BandwidthUnlimitedUnlimited
Parked Domains5Unlimited
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimited
Website Builder
Discounted Price$3.99/mo$4.08/mo
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Good hosting speed with SSD

Backed by the same technologies and facilities of InMotion Hosting, a fast web host, WebHostingHub is able to offer good speed. To guarantee the hosted sites' performance, this company:
  • Allows you to select a data center closer to your audience for the maximum speed.
  • Uses pure SSDs for all storage devices.
  • Guarantees enough server resources for each shared hosting account.
  • Uses Dell servers and Cisco network equipment.
FatCow is not slow, but it is not fast, either, because the speed is mediocre. There would be no severe latencies for small blogs, but if you host an online store, your website will be slowed down since there are images to download.

Here you can see a comparison between the two web hosts.

Responsive US-based support

WebHostingHub and FatCow are worth prizes when it comes to the support methods and efficient communications. To make it easy to reach their support staff, both web hosts offer live chat, tickets and phone calls as the communication options, and their support is 100% US-based without outsourcing.

What WebHostingHub wins over FatCow are the online support resources and the efficiency of the support staff. The company not only provides various tutorials for FTP, control panel, email, domain name and other common features, but also prepares a learning corner that helps you improve your skills. Video tutorials are also available.

Besides, WebHostingHub makes Skype a communication channel, too, so you can make a free call at any time when meeting a trouble. Regardless of the way you choose, making or call or submitting a ticket, you will get a reply sooner than you would expect.

90-day refund policy

If any aspect of the hosting service cannot satisfy you, you can request a refund from WebHostingHub and FatCow. However, the two companies have different time limits for you to do so. The former offers a long time of 90 days for regret, while the latter limits the time to 30 days, two months shorter.

WebHostingHub Is More Potential

The choice is completely yours, but our comparison would suggest WebHostingHub more. Though being young, this hosting company is operated by an experienced team, and it can offer quite good performance and support at reasonable prices. Its reputation among users is also good.