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WebFaction VS HostGator – Find the Better Choice for Small Businesses

updated on Jun 12, 2017
WebFaction VS HostGator – Find the Better Choice for Small Businesses As WebFaction and HostGator are both competitive and trustworthy hosting providers on the market, we come out this fair and comprehensible comparison between the two web hosts so as to clarify our readers' confusion and puzzlement. What's more, we make the following in-depth comparison for them from the vital aspects in hosting all sizes of business sites, including price, technical support, hosting features, reliability and performance.

At the first place, there are well-arranged customer ratings for WebFaction and HostGator, which are accumulated from many entrusted review websites and come from thousands of investigated customers' inner voices and hosting feedbacks. Move forward and take a whole look of the following helpful information.

Technical Support
Hosting Features
Network Speed
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Packages & Cost

WebFaction VS HostGator - Packages & Cost As an international and modernized shared hosting provider, WebFaction vows to provide customers with the latest hosting technologies and incomparable hosting experience by offering one single unique shared hosting package. In the further, this package charges people who are meaning to buy this web host's service for $10/mo. People are able to get their money protected by this company's 60-day money back guarantee.

In comparison, as a world-leading and one of the largest hosting providers on the market, HostGator has been serving for millions of domains all over the world. Moreover, this company proclaims to offer exceptional and excellent customer experience by endowing customers with three feature-rich and alternative shared hosting packages. Furthermore, the three high-quality packages cost people who are going to purchase any of them by using the valid coupon code of HG45PERCENT at the much cheaper price starting from $3.82/mo.

In addition, this web host owns 45-day unconditional money back guarantee so as to make all users' money secure and free-of-risk. What's more, this company offers $100 value advertising offer for Google AdWords with which webmasters are able to gain extra money and commercial opportunities.

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Control Panel

WebFaction VS HostGator - Control Panel In terms of the control panel, a multi-functional and easy-to-control control panel like cPanel plays an important role in improving user experience and speeding up efficiency. In regards to the control panels offered by the two companies, HostGator, of course, defeats its competitor which uses its self-developed and custom control panel by its built-in industry-leading cPanel admin panel. What's more, HostGator users are capable of having their preferred applications or software quickly installed by using the built-in one-click auto-installer integrated with cPanel.

Hosting Features & Customer Service

On the one hand, WebFaction and HostGator share some basic hosting features in common, such as they both support multiple programming languages of Perl, PHP, Perl and Ruby and multiple alternative databases of PostgreSQL and MySQL. On the other hand, they also have a lot of disparities in the meantime and some of the outstanding ones are well-displayed in below.

Disk Space100GBUnlimited
Monthly Data Transfer600GBUnlimited
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Unlimited Email Accounts
Email Auto-Responder
Cron Jobs
SSH Access
Shared SSL Certificate
Toll-Free Phone Call
24x7 Onsite Live Chat
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From what have been presented in the table above, it is quite obvious that WebFaction lacks many basic and advanced hosting features when compared with its competitor which endows more useful protection tools of hotlink protection and IP deny manager. Additionally, the fact that only HostGator gives total support for the convenient communication methods of on-site phone call and timely live chat is admitted as the most outstanding difference existing between them.

Reliability & Performance

WebFaction VS HostGator - Reliability & Performance Having three optional data centers located in US, Amsterdam and Singapore and applying dual quad core processors, WebFaction proclaims to offer high network response speed and short loading time for pages and videos. Moreover, this web host promises to offer high network uptime for customers because its responsive technical workers have its systems well-protected and constantly-monitored 24 hours one day and seven days one week.

Likewise, HostGator owns a team of technical employees and developers who monitor the whole systems all day and night and has its all data centers prepared with redundant power backup units and powerful diesel fuel tanks. In fact, from the calculated statistics in the passing several months, the average server response time and uptime for HostGator are 337ms and 99.98% which surpass that of its competitor whose average server response time and uptime are 497ms and 99.14%.


In a word, HostGator is a more appropriate option for hosting all sizes of online business websites as it endows much more competitive price, easy-to-control control panel, more shared hosting features, effective customer service, better uptime and speed.